Wings of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy: A Graphic Novel (Wings of Fire Graphic Novel #1‪)‬

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The New York Times bestselling Wings of Fire series soars to new heights in this first-ever graphic novel adaptation!Not every dragonet wants a destiny . . . Clay has grown up under the mountain, chosen along with four other dragonets to fulfill a mysterious prophecy and end the war between the dragon tribes of Pyrrhia. He's not so sure about the prophecy part, but Clay can't imagine not living with the other dragonets; they're his best friends. So when one of the dragonets is threatened, all five spring into action. Together, they will choose freedom over fate, leave the mountain, and fulfill their destiny -- on their own terms.The New York Times bestselling Wings of Fire series takes flight in this first graphic novel edition, adapted by the author with art by Mike Holmes.

January 2
Scholastic Inc.
Scholastic Inc.
Grades 3-7

Customer Reviews

butiful dragon lover ,

Part 19 (sure you can draw my characters!)

Riot laid down in the heart of the mountain range. He was bored and hungry. ‘At least half of us got to spread to Pentela.’ He thought grumpily. “When do you think we should scout to other continents?” He asked. “Soon.” Alpha replied. He bowed his head. “Strike!” He said. A very dark purple Reaperwing was walking through the sleeping dragon. “Ugh! I hate bright light! Riot, how do you tolerate this brightness?” She shook out her wings. It was normal to hate light. Back at their planet it was cold and dark. “It’s okay Strike. We won’t be here forever.” She sighed. He touched his dark green snout against hers. “Get a room!” Grim snapped. “Dude! You are literally across this field! You can shut your stupid snout!” Several Reaperwings got up and started arguing. “Can we all just get along please.” Stabber squeaked. “NO!” Everyone snapped. He lifted his mantis claws up and shrugged. “Shut up! We are spreading out tonight morning! All of us. There is clearly no more dragons here.” Alpha snapped. They immediately bowed. They were loyal to the leader. If someone challenged her and won that would mean that they were alpha. He curled his claws into a rock patiently. “Let’s play ripper!” Grim announced. “Who challenges me!?” He spread his beetle wings. “I do!” Carnage leapt into the clearing. Many Reaperwings gathered anxious to see some action. Carnage was a deep red Reaperwing that was almost as large as the queen. They immediately leapt at each other and bit into each others legs. Carnage shot some paralyzing spikes at Grim. One hit him in his neck the only weak spot. He hisses and spat some acid at Carnage. He ducked and breathed blue fire mixed with black fire. Grims face clouded with pure fear. Was obliterated. Everyone stared in shook. “That was awesome man!” One of the Reaperwings said. “Riot! Did you see that? That was awesome! I never tried to do that before!” Strike said enthusiastically. “I never tried.” He said. “Why not use this trick.” Alpha trotted over to Carnage who stood there emotionless. “You will teach us this. And we shall devour this world!” All the Reaperwings raised their heads and howled into the sky.

Hehhehheh! If you want to know what I based Reaperwings off of look up: Whitespike aliens.

Next part should be in the Hidden kingdom book! Have a wonderful day/night!!

Shadow the rain/NightWing ,

I’m just going to say part 18

It was so long I had to split it in parts lol
But this part is short
(Btw if DeathFlame spits out small fire balls after saying something he’s most likely angry or stressed the angrier he is the bigger the fire but sometimes it’s just smoke coming from his mouth and if he’s breath fire without being angry he’s just fighting or doing what he’s told)

“You know I think I saw this place in my nightmares before but without the big palace” Fade says. “Yea” I say. We see a Dragon, wait a Dragonet he looked about 6,7, or 8. “Ignore my size, and me being about the size of you. Finally the queen got me something to burn and yes I am over a thousand years old if I wasn’t cursed to be forever this age”
“Okay, but instead of burning us we have a whole tribe for you to burn” Fade says. I looked at DeathFlame he was mostly black with a Dark blue underbelly and blood red eyes. “Wait a whole tribe, what tribe is it ShadowWings?” He says kinda excited. “No, the ReaperWings” Star then says. “I think I’ve read about those, they are little fellas but full of power” DeathFlame says and spat out a small Blue fire ball as he said that . “Yes and if you help us defeat them the Queen now will let you return to the village- DeathFlame interrupts “is my mother still alive?”
“The queen did whisper something about her being cursed to live forever but as a new and different looking dragon ” I say. Smoke rose out of his mouth as he Breathed blue fire. I go into ghost form and Fade pushes Star out of the way. He storms out of the palace. I look at him and he was missing a right leg it looked cut off from a long time. Then some stone fell from under DeathFlames talons as he fell into the lava and then he crawled out. “I’m fire proof” he grumbled. “Listen we will help you find your mother if you help us” I say. “Fine I’ll help, but if you betray me guess who’s getting roasted next” he says. We all put our talons on the amber and say “QuickKill”
Then DeathFlame met eyes with QuickKill, “so you finally let me out” he says. “Well right now your the most important dragon, you pretty much are the hardest dragon to kill in Prehistorica” QuickKill says. Then s guard runs in after the queen yells his name, she yells to him “Assemble our army and get ready!”. “We will win this” DeathFlame says. “So we going the next continent over?” QuickKill says. “Yup” i say. “We will save your home” BlackMagic says. “Wow your a nicer queen then the other ones” DeathFlame says. I feel like he would betray us for power but at the same time I feel like he’s doing this for his mother.

The next day

I walk out to the beach seeing many dead and unconscious dragons but most of the dead dragons where TwilightWings. I feel the strange feeling that there was a dragon behind me and I turn around. “Oh it’s you DeathFlame” I sigh in relief. “Sadly I know the one tribe that can help kill off the ReaperWings, i did the research ShadowWings have venomous spikes and since there spikes technically aren’t power or abilities the could help. Also your home is most likely infested with them now kinda like how locust multiply in a way.” DeathFlame says very smartly. I look down at a small rainbow egg it was a rainwings. “Find as much alive dragons as you can, I’ll convince the queen to go to Pantala before it’s to late. Also have those guards behind you help remember don’t come off a threatening” I say to DeathFlame. “Okay” the guards say. A few more guards came to grab the eggs and promised to keep them in a safe place for there parents to find them. Then I see one ReaperWing it looked like it washed up. It woke up and started to burst black flames at me and DeathFlame put his wing in front of the fire. “Careful” he joked. I grab the little fella and DeathFlame killed him but not with fire with his claws and biting. He must be strong if he can do that “that’s how it feel little guy now quickly throw it into the ocean” he says. I throw the body into the ocean and I walk off to the other.

A quick short thing because I’m bored today: DeathFlame:

The queen finally let me out, I forgot how many extra rooms this palace has. I was brought into a nice room that was mostly black with unlit torches. I light them and then see two guards walk in and two guards in the outside. “We where sent here to watch you” one guard says. “Okay but keep in mind I can burn you two easily” I obviously wouldn’t burn them I was joking with them anyway I don’t want to go back down there I want to see my mother. The other guard backed up closer to the door, so we still have the cowardly DeathWings I guess. I put down a scroll I took from my underground place. Most ReaperWings have Black fire imagine all that power. I hear another voice in my head (it’s himself talking to himself) stop thinking evil think good. I hate that voice. Then I find out there weakness. Sound….. (remember I have DeathFlames backstory in I think one of the graphic novels I think 2. I’m just saying.)

(Have a good day or night)
(I think this is my best part in my opinion) (and yes you can use DeathFlame) (to be honest I think I got a new favorite character in this fan fiction ) (also I’ve drawn most of my ocs for this fan fic do you mind if I draw some of yours I really just keep them to myself to remember what a character looks like)

Coachkm ,

The princess killer chapter one: Messenger

Princess Rattlesnake walked through the hot desert. She was close to passing out. Rattlesnake was shaking,sweating,and panting. A dragon landed in front of her. “Hm…?” She looked up with squinted eyes. He was a gray dragon with white wings.she passed out. He grabbed her and flew off. She woke up to see him still flying with her but they were in the rainforest now. Rattlesnake looked into his sharp yellow eyes. He looked at her. He hypnotized her. She fell backward and fell to the ground. She landed with a thump. Rattlesnake groaned and got up to see the dragon had disappeared. Where was he? Rattlesnake raced home and grabbed her two princess friends and they went off to find him. Little did rattlesnake know she was being watched…by Graystone.

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