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Romance writer Jennifer Graham heads to Dublin for a two month research trip, and to heal from a recent breakup. The last thing she is looking for is romance, especially with another workaholic...and then she meets Ian Shephard.

He is the son of her best friend Mandy’s Irish aunt, the one she’s staying with in Ireland for two months. Oh, and he happens to be staying there too, temporarily, while his condo is being renovated. Their attraction is immediate and takes Jen by surprise. But there are three very good reasons why nothing can happen between them. He doesn’t want a relationship, he’s a workaholic and he lives in another country.

So they shouldn’t be anything more than friends…

September 21
Pamela Claughton
Pamela Claughton

Customer Reviews

Just Jill's Jots ,

Winter in Ireland

Ireland is on my bucket list of places to visit so I enjoyed this fun novel. Realistic characters and a believable plot made this a quick and easy read. Not a lot of drama, so as a mystery lover I found it a bit predictable but still worthy.

Oregon writer ,

Basic grammar.

“There were several museums in town...and after visiting both of them...” Several means three or more...both means two. I know this is a nit, but really?

J. O'Farrell ,

“Winter in Ireland”

Pamela Kelley has another hit on
her hands. Delightful, well
developed characters in perfectly
described surroundings. Jen,
from Montana, spends a few
months in Ireland, staying with
her best friend’s aunt. However,
the plot thickens when she meets,
Ian, her oldest, divorced son, who
happens to own a software
company in downtown Dublin.
Eventually, with some twists & turns, love conquers all. You will
hold your breath until the next
novel comes out with these
lovable characters!!
—Jan Farrell Repath

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