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From New York Times bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes a sexy, complete-standalone, Romantic Comedy.

My ex was a con artist who left my life in shambles. But am I going to let that break me? No.

I’ve got a plan. It’s a long shot, but with some hard work, I’ll pull my life back together.

Only, just as I’m in the thick of it, I find an unusual bottle with a note inside: “You get one wish. Make it count.”

Har har. Someone’s idea of a joke?

Apparently not.

And nothing could prepare me for the screamin’ hot man with piercing blue eyes who shows up at my door. He says the note is his and he wants to give me true happiness. Money is no object.

Uh, is he for real? And why me?

I should slam the door in his sex-god face, because this guy has trouble written all over him. But the more time I spend with the demanding, arrogant man, the deeper I get into a twisted history that pulls at my heart.

Suddenly I do have a wish...

February 25
Paper & Silver, Inc.
Paper & Silver, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Bibliophile Chloe ,

What a magical ride

I absolutely loved this whimsical, steamy romance! It kept me guessing until the very end! Was it magic and fantasy or was it the true magic of love?

This is the story Ginnie and Mr. Wish and what a wild ride it is.

Ginnie has been burned by a horrible relationship and she is just trying to piece her life back together doing what she loves.  While searching for glass she comes across a bottle that intrigues her.  I admired this character's tenacity to find out the true man behind Mr. Wish and her giving nature that really was the catalyst to finding out who Mr. Wish is.

Mr. Wish, this hero was truly a magic man.  His story is going to rock your world and really make you believe in the power of the human spirit.  There are times you are going to hate him, but he is such a redeeming character. 

Ms. Pamfiloff has a magic to her words that is just amazing.  I fell under the spell of this story hard and was sad to see it end.

I'm not really going ,

If only all wishes came true!

Another amazing read by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff! This book is a stand-alone. Ginnie, an artist who works in repurposed glass, a fabulous jar, not once but twice. The first time she sees it is at a garage sale, where a very handsome but not very nice man takes it right out of her hands. The next time is at a thrift shop. She notices that there is a note inside. The note will change the course of her life but will she actually get what she really wishes for? We should all be so lucky as to find that jar and have our dreams come true!!

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