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It’s been seven years since a depraved act of maniacal egotism altered a family, a whole town, and a young man’s life forever.  It shouldn’t even have been possible, and the implications of such a brazen crime rocked the very foundations of life in the Fringe.  A sheltered, privileged boy abducted right from his bed in the dead of night.  He was never found.  And the criminal responsible disappeared along with him.  Though the trail is long cold, the ones left behind to grieve still hope for closure.

Everyone who visits the town of Firebend hears about Wyvern.  As the most popular, most interesting server at the town’s only tavern, he can’t help but be noticed.  It’s his striking, dark good looks.  It’s his charismatic, friendly nature.  It’s the freaking huge mechanical wings attached to his back.  Everyone wants to be near him, but Wyvern wishes that he wasn’t such an object of fascination.  He already has about as much attention as he can tolerate.

Wes Sterling is a celebrity among Fringers, captain of the uniquely beautiful airship the Sterling Wish.  After months of going town to town and shaking the hand of practically every Fringer in existence, he’s ready for some down time to rest and make repairs.  Firebend is as good a place as any.  He doesn’t expect to find the solution to his mechanical problems there, and he definitely doesn’t expect to fall in love.

Attraction won’t be enough to bring Wyvern and Wes together.  Not even love is strong enough to overcome the barriers between them.  All around them hover the specters of Wyvern’s personal demons—past and present, real and imagined.  If they can’t unite to vanquish the fear that’s plaguing them, then they’ll lose so much more than they ever thought they’d gain.

This work is intended for a mature audience and contains mature content.  For a more comprehensive list of content tags, please see this book’s information page at the author’s website.

April 18
Leah Ross
Draft2Digital, LLC

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