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Wishful is a southern romance series written for anyone looking for love in a small town. If you loved Hart of Dixie and miss the residents of Bluebell, you just might fall in love with Wishful. It's a town where everybody knows your name and hope springs eternal! This volume contains Books 10-12.

You Were Meant For Me (Book 10)

It was just supposed to be a fling, so they agreed to no last names—a decision Mitch regretted the moment he woke up to find Tess gone. When Fate gives them another chance, they dive headlong back into their affair to find out whether there’s more than simply heat. But when Tess ends up pregnant, he’ll have the biggest fight of his life convincing her that their fling should be forever. 

A Lot Like Christmas (Book 11)

Hannah's waiting tables at Wishful's Dinner Belles diner and dreaming of getting an interior design business off the ground. What better way to practice and show off her skills than with some holiday decorating? Jaded Ryan, an Army medic on leave, and his cantankerous great uncle, Percy, are desperately in need of Christmas cheer—and a referee. Can Hannah's warmth thaw these frosty hearts?

Dancing Away With My Heart (Book 12)

After a high school trauma hit like a ton of bricks, Lexi has spent years avoiding her best friend, Zach. Now she's back in town just in time for the high school reunion she never planned to attend. All she wants to do is get through this with her secret—and her heart—intact. But what if 10 years is just the right amount of time for Zach to finally get a clue?

June 5
Take The Leap Publishing
Kait Nolan

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Jen G F ,

Wishful Romance Volume 4

ARC for honest review with no compensation received from BookSprout

Wishful Romance Volume 4 is comprised of book 10-12 in the Wishful series. Love this series!

You Were Meant For Me...Tess and Mitch, meet overseas, have a hot week romance, mother’s new husband’s daughter, fate having the last laughter.

A Lot Like Christmas...Ryan and Hanna, a secret Santa, decorating a home, spreading holiday cheer and optimism and overcome their fears to find happiness.

Dancing Away With My Heart...Lexi and Zach, 10 year high school reunion with the theme from senior prom, a second chance to make it a night to remember and repair their relationship and finding a HEA.

qhorse5 ,

Forgot How Good These Are!

There are SPOILERS in this review!
I have read these books in the past when they came out one at a time. I forgot how good they truly are. The way Tess and Mitch first became involved and how their romance played out had me cheering and hissing for different characters and different scenes. There were times I just wanted to yell at Tess to « wake up. »
Then, Hannah and Ryan! Just wow on this one! I loved how it started and how Hannah was so joyful and could make « lemonade out of lemons. » The sexual tension between them had me feeling it as well. I loved that not only did they improve the life of a loved one but they also improved theirs.
Finally, Book 3, Zach and Lexi. A love story where Zach was absolutely clueless as to his feelings for Lexi. I loved the way Kait helped the reader see inside his thoughts. The friends gone wrong romance had me feeling so sorry for Lexi and wanting to bop Zach on the head.
Kati’s books evoke such visceral emotions. You want to cry, yell, cheer and swoon with all the characters. They become your friends and you always, always want more. Kait Nolan is an author that I look forward to any and all new books coming out. Rereading them just reminds you of how good they are.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

angie1229 ,

Three great stories

Visiting Wishful is always a delightful experience, but these three stories celebrate the heart of small town Southern romances. The first in this volume has become a personal favorite of mine! Then there is a story that sets the bar for holiday romances. The third story in this volume is a second chance romance that gives chills for how close it seems to never working out but each story provides a wonderful HEA!

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