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Witchcraft is imposing your will upon another, against their will. You've been given a free will to make decisions with your life, but someone can bring pressure or push you to change and accommodate them and what they want. Its within that context that witchcraft operates. They try to pressure you from within. Don't isolate yourself or withdraw; instead Identify, Pray, Confront, set Boundaries

Religion & Spirituality
October 2
Mike Connell
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Customer Reviews

AshyMae33 ,

A Load of BS

PLEASE do your research and I mean REAL research, not biased “commercial Christianity” stuff.

One of the BIGGEST RULES for practicing Witches is to harm none. Making someone do something against their will is the complete opposite of that Rule and any Witch worth his or her crystals would NEVER do that.

Tien1031 ,


As a witch myself and someone who has been practicing the craft for over 10 years I can say that this is not only a HUGE misconception but also quite an offensive one at that. Witchcraft isn’t about manipulating anything. In fact it is exactly the opposite. Witches work with nature and the energy of the world to cultivate it in new ways. We love the earth and her creatures. Our practices may vary but we all retain the the same basic principles. We seek to grow and nurture not physically manipulate the will of others as that is impossible. We respect free will and delight in it. Please do your research on a subject before spouting such nonsense. Let’s leave the fantasy in the fairytales okay.

Nikki Moonlight ,

From a witch’s perspective...

This is completely untrue. As a witch myself I can DEFINITELY say that witches acting on you in a relationship is utter CRAP. One of our highest laws is to NEVER under any circumstances interfere with the free will of
Another. Furthermore, our ethics say never to harm another person, and imposing our will upon another without consent is in fact harming others.

We have a word for imposing will upon another without consent: A control freak, aka a sociopath. Look it up, it’s in a diagnostic manual for mental illness.

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