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At a time when the state of Poland was constantly undergoing political turmoil, Henryk Sienkiewicz wasn’t afraid to ruffle feathers. Having already achieved success in his career around the end of the 19th century, the Polish journalist negatively portrayed the Teutonic Order at a time in which his audience lived under German rule. At the same time, he meticulously included historical language in his works, a sort of celebration of authenticity and the past. He would earn a Nobel Prize in 1905 for "outstanding merits as an epic writer."

Sienkiewicz mastered historical novels that vividly put readers in places as distinct as 17th century Poland and Ancient Rome. He is still well regarded today for novels like "With Fire and Sword", "The Deluge", “Quo Vadis”, and "Fire in the Steppe".  

The first of the three novels that formed the “Trilogy”, With Fire and Sword is Sienkiewicz’s historical novel about historic Poland. The novel strings together battles for Poland's survival and for a woman, who is a symbol of Poland itself. This edition of Sienkiewicz’s With Fire and Sword is specially formatted with a Table of Contents and is illustrated with pictures of Sienkiewicz, his life and work.

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November 4
Charles River Editors
Charles River Editors

Customer Reviews

HarlequinDomination ,

Don’t deny yourself this

This book is a tad dry for English speaking audiences, but realize that’s how translations of Slavic literature tend to be.

If you enjoy reading nonfiction, you’ll definitely enjoy reading this. If you’re used to modern escapist fiction, this book will take getting used to.

It’s in the vein of The Brothers Karamazov in one sense- there are a plethora of relevant characters. You don’t need to keep them all in your head, but every mention is worth paying mind to.

Come to think of it, you could liken it to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It’s nowhere near as fanciful in its descriptions, though.

Give it a try. Give it ten, if you’re invested.

Well worth it, I assure you.

rocker chick ,

I want my money back

This book won't open. The sample worked fine but when I bought I tried to read the book I found it wouldn't open. I deleted and redownloaded the book but it didn't work. Eventually after trying for a long time it just gave me the message this book is not formatted for iBooks. I bought this thing on iBooks and it's not formated for iBooks. This is a scam. Apple take this off the app store and give me my money back.

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