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Trent Sinclair knows love and loss. He holds both close to his heart and private. But when he meets Lilly McCall, the sister of his brother-in-law, suddenly his life is turned upside down.

Lilly McCall has been running from her past as long as she can remember. She keeps busy helping out at one national park after the other...but now her past is catching up to her and she's come to Windswept Bay looking for answers. She isn't counting on the handsome, quiet Trent Sinclair turning her world upside down and putting her wounded heart on the line.

Don't miss this next heartwarming, touching story in the Windswept Bay Series~the sisters have had their love stories now its time for the brothers to get swept away by love.

August 17
DCP Publishing
DCP Publishing, LLC

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Dawn Pearson ,

Trent's Story

This Windswept Bay story focuses on Trent. He's known as the quiet brother. The other siblings don't completely understand why, but they give him his space.

Lilly McCall has been avoiding her past for years. However, she's grown weary of running and is finally ready to take the first step toward settling down by purchasing property in Windswept Bay and hiring Trent to build her a treehouse on it. What she doesn't expect is for Trent to actually understand her. Empathize with her.

As the two get to know each other, they find a common bond through their tragic pasts. And as they share their pasts, healing begins. And, as the healing takes place, they are able to open themselves up for love - not only for each other, but to everyone else as well.

This story seems to have a good balance. The problems are not pushed too hard, the healing feels legitimate, and there is time for continued story telling of the other siblings and, of course, romance.

Themes covered are - death, grief, and healthy responses to these.
Romance - PG - kissing
Language - clean
My rating - 5 stars

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