Reimagining the Way You Relate to God

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With explores the narrative of the Bible to show that we were created to be with God, and that restoring this connection is his mission. Instead of life over, under, from, or even for God, what leads us into freedom and restoration is life with God. Why are American Christians, who have more access to biblical teaching than any other people in history, failing to experience the freedom of the Christian life? Why are pastors, those closest to the work and ministry, burning out at an alarming rate? Why do many church members, who give large amounts of their time and wealth to Christ and his kingdom, secretly question the legitimacy of their efforts? And why are spiritual seekers dismissing the validity of the Christian message? Is it possible we’ve misunderstood the call of the Christian life?   A life lived in rich communion with God cultivates faith, hope, and love in a way that transforms both us and the broken world we inhabit. In With, you’ll find: illustrations of concepts in the book to aid understanding; recommendations for how to practice communion with God, including three helpful practices; and a discussion guide for use when continuing the conversation with others in small groups. Endorsements: If we've grown weary of Christianity, if we find most any local church uninspiring, maybe the problem lies not in the Christian faith or these faithful bodies, but in our own disgruntled hearts. In With, Skye Jethani tenderly unmasks the clichéd posturing that too often masquerades as genuine communion with Christ. More importantly, he takes readers to the humble place they must occupy--in prayer, studying Scripture, with the Church--if faith, hope, and love are to truly mark our lives.  -James H. Gilmore, author, The Experience Economy Made of the stuff of spiritual classics and presented in simple, contemporary terms, Skye Jethani does each of us a great service in calling us to reimagine the way we relate to God. We so readily fall prey to living out distortions and reductions to our Christian faith--with disastrous consequences. You and I are far more than sinners, consumers, managers, and servants. We are dearly loved by God and made for eternal communion with him. Everything looks different when we live life in response to God's love.  -Paul Louis Metzger, Ph.D., Professor of Christian Theology & Theology of Culture, Multnomah Biblical Seminary and author of The Gospel of John: When Love Comes to Town Cleverly using four prepositions—under, over, from, and for, Skye Jethani convincingly diagnoses the reigning paradigms of life--whether secular or religious—and shows how each one has captured some element of truth but in the end is deficient. Ultimately, they miss the most important thing—real communion with the living God. Thus utilizing one final preposition, With, he lays out what it really means to know and experience communion with God—a life of faith, hope and love--the very things that we all desperately want and need. This is a helpful, encouraging, and inspiring book.  -Jim Belcher, author of Deep Church It doesn’t matter, as old theologians were rumored to argue, how many angels can dance on a pinhead. But it does matter which preposition governs your faith--over, after, against, for, from, under, with. Who knew what huge worlds turn on such tiny words? Who knew what theological riches were laced into the bones of grammar? Skye has done a great service to the church. In prose elegant and clear, with insights keen and deep, he shows how everything changes with just one word: With. It’s a book I want my whole church to read.  -Mark Buchanan, author of Spiritual Rhythm Who knew that a preposition had so much influence? Skye's book will challenge the way that you think about God and faith, digging deep into our motivations and heart issues. You can't read this book and not see yourself and others differently!  -Margaret Feinberg, author of Scouting the Divine and Hungry for God

Religion & Spirituality
August 22
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Customer Reviews

Darlindd ,

Loved it

This book is very deep and thought-provoking. I purposely took my time reading it in short spurts a few chapters at a time. I really was challenged and wanted to search myself and ponder the descriptions of the ways we have all related to God. I really loved it. I especially enjoyed reading it on my I pad. I wished sometimes that it was offered as an audible version. I still catch myself slipping into one of the postures and being “religious” instead of being WITH my beautiful Jesus! Thank you!

Cocoa4mama ,

With: Reimagining the Way You Relate to God by Skye Jethani

Exceptional book exquisitely written exploring with great insight the greatest question contemplated by mankind, how one should relate to his
God. I enjoyed it immensely.

christofu92 ,

Totally changed how I relate to God

Exceptional insight is held within these pages. Please do not be in a rush to read this book. Enjoy the deep pondering and poignant imagery. This is a work that is meant to help you dwell on what is true of us and how we are meant to relate to God. A great read!

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