Book 1 - Under the Pier

Without Words

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"Delancey Stewart's Without Words had me by the heart from the first chapter.” -Mary, USA Today Happy Ever After

After an accident in the line of duty, firefighter Roberto DeRosa’s life is turned upside down. His career fighting fires is over, and he’s left with an uncertain future and an injury that makes communicating difficult for him. The only time words flow easily is when they’re lyrics and he has a guitar in his hands. Talking to women is definitely out, especially if they have bright blue eyes that seem to see right into his soul.

Dani Hodge is on the brink of realizing her dream of opening a small combination wine and book store in San Diego’s funky Ocean Beach neighborhood. But before she can open the doors, there’s work to be done, more work than she can do herself.

When the tattooed guy who completely ignored her at a bar walks by and offers her a hand wrangling a tile saw, Dani can’t afford to say no—and why would she say no to Mr. Strong and Silent when his stare conveys more than words could?

Each book in the Under the Pier series is STANDALONE:
* Without Words
* Without Promises

May 22
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Kristie Koste ,

A sweet and sensual romance with a long lasting, slow burn...this one pulls at the heartstrings...

Without Words
By: Delancey Stewart

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Star Review by Kristie K

A sweet and sensual romance with a long lasting, slow burn…this one pulls at the heartstrings…

Without Words takes you on an emotional journey with a former firefighter recovering from an injury, and a beautiful young woman on the brink of making her dreams come true. Roberto deRosa is a gorgeous man, with a beautiful soul, and a full heart…but is haunted by the after effects of a tragic accident that left him feeling like less than capable. Dani Hodge is a light in the darkness, a beautiful woman that emanates a light and beauty like no-one Rob has ever met before. Their connection is immediate, and explosive…but their pasts, fears, and insecurities create obstacles they must overcome to be together. The question is, are they willing to fight for the chance at love? Fight for one another?

Delancey Stewart has written a wonderful story with a slow build, a lot of heart, a bit of heartbreak, and a steamy slow burn. I truly loved the characters in this story. Both Rob and Dani spoke to me, pulled at my heartstrings, and made me love them. They were genuine, real, and relatable. Their challenges were unique, but no less impactful. The storyline and plot were captivating, somewhat unique in their situations, and colored with pain and redemption. With a gorgeous cover, and well written blurb, this book is the whole package. In some circles, this book may be too slow of a build, or linger too long on certain scenes, but the characters themselves and the love they find is worth it. A great read, and a wonderful new author for me to add to my list.

Kristie K

THPayne ,

Words are sometimes not necessary...

"This was insane. I'd never been on a knife's edge like this, never wanted so badly for a man to just. Touch. Me." Yes, Delancey Stewart building up some major chemistry and heat in her new book! Our her, Rob DeRosa, may have been injured, but he deifnitely has the smoldering and hot hero requirement. Rob has suffered a traumatic injury while on the job as a firefighter. the subject is handled so well and makes the character vulnerable in ways that I really enjoyed. Make no mistake, Rob is till our alpha hero! I enjoyed getting insight of his thought process.

Dani, our heroine, is instantly attracted to him as he sings on stage at a club. Whne he appaears again out of the blue and begins to help renovate her store, the attractions can't be denied. Dani is fiercely independent and has to find a way to let Rob inot her life. The story that leads up to their "happily ever after" has some twists and turns. I really enjoyed the story that gets up there.

Great story and wonderful characters!

bh313@hotmail ,


I really enjoyed this one. Loved these characters. They felt so honest and true that you could imagine them as your best friends. The writing is excellent and the story is intriguing with a nice flow.

Life has dealt Roberto DeRosa quite a few blows but none have been as frustrating as the last. While on the job as a firefighter, Rob suffered a traumatic brain injury that has left him with speech issues. Verbalizing his thoughts is difficult so most of the time he chooses not to speak. Corralling his thoughts is also difficult but a couple of things seem to calm and soothe him enough to slow his thoughts. One is his guitar. The second is Dani Hodge. The beautiful young woman who introduced herself at the club but he was unable to speak to. Now he's getting to know her as he helps her renovate the storefront she's working on for her new shop. Will she ever be able to understand and accept him as he is?

A great read and one I highly recommend.

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