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Wives of Cuckolds Tell All

Book 4 in a series about the Cuckold Lifestyle.
Based on letters to Joan Vegas

By Joan Vegas
These days single women often have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of sex partners. But once a woman gets married she is usually limited to just one sex partner (for better or worse) for the rest of her life.

Fortunately for some married women, their husbands allow (or even encourage) them to occasionally enjoy sexual adventures with other guys. Such husbands don’t care that their wife’s extra-marital activities technically makes them a cuckold.

In the reports below eleven wives (through letters to Joan) tell what it is like for them to be married to cuckold husbands… to be enabled to enjoy a broader sex life than most of their married sisters.

Reports range from: “Let me tell you why I love my loving cuckold hubby. He tells me he just thinks about how cool it is to see me enjoy myself and be an uninhibited, highly sensual woman for another man. Ever since we got married, my hubby has been encouraging me to enjoy my sexuality in every way possible. We have great one-on-one sex, but Matt (my hubby) has always encouraged me to try other guys too.”

To: “It is absolutely incredibly exciting to throw off the shackles of prudish monogamy, so that I don't have to pretend not to lust for sex with other guys I meet anymore.
To: “This is… the way we add spice to our wonderful sex life… through role-playing, fantasies, fantasy reading, etc., my husband and I both developed a fascination with the idea of other men (even strangers) having sex with me... and then my husband listening to details of my adventure, and having sex with me as I share them with him.”

To: “About five months ago, at my hubby's suggestion (after some subtle hints from me), I became his hot wife, and he became my cuckold hubby. That means that my wonderful hubby accepts that he must share me with other men. And he does so gladly. Since formally becoming a hot wife, I have had six men (mostly younger) while my cuck hubby watches.”

And… a wife who spent a weekend with her lover. As pre-arranged, she phoned her hubby and let him silently listen in as she and her lover played. Before returning home she wrote an e-mail to her husband.

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Joan Vegas
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