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When a pained howl echoes from the dark forest beyond the sanctuary fence, Brandy meets a wolf unlike any to cross her path.

Warrior Reardon McAlator kills anyone's enemies for the right price. Victory comes easy to him and his fierce army… until one day, they meet their match. Faced with the possibility of destroying their legendary winning streak, Reardon takes action. He makes his men more like him and angers the wrong Celtic goddess. Banished from her protection, he wakes up alone in a different place, in a different time, and in a world of pain. He must do something worthy to get home to Ireland, but maybe home isn't where he thought it was.

Wildlife biologist Dr. Brandy Wendon cares for wolves—and her sister's son, Dylan—at Silver Moon Wolf Sanctuary in the woods of Vermont. She loves everything about her work, including secretly researching clinical lycanthropy just for the fun of it. It's what nerds do. Brandy stays busy, but in the lonely hours of the night, she can't deny something is missing. If only she could find that soul mate people are always mentioning. As if one perfect match for her really exists.

When a pained howl echoes from the dark forest beyond the sanctuary fence, Brandy meets a wolf unlike any to cross her path. Why does she grow instantly connected to him? Why does he become so important to her?

She'll only get answers if she accepts a wolf kiss.

The Warrior Wolves Series, paranormal romance

"Full of memorable characters with a solid plot and plenty of passion."

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August 17
Christine DePetrillo
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Splash_57 ,

Wolf Kss

Great read if you like wolves

Liloamy ,

It was okay

But too many details that’s boring or irrelevant especially about side characters that i don’t care about .
The idea was great and had too many potential , the werewolf thing with a warrior that had time traveled . Instead of focusing on that we focus on too much chitchat .
Prolonged beginning and accelerated ending . I’d loved if the author prolonged the meeting between the 2 main characters even as a wolf . I didn’t like Parker at all or his GF . But still I got them as if they are the main characters .

Tucker0001 ,

Great Fairy Tail

This is such a great book the ending is just what the story needs. I won’t give anything away, just read it yourself, you won’t regret anything.

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