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The discovery by two scientists of a woman who has lain undisturbed under an ice cap for over 70,000 years was just the Beginning.

Her arrival could shake our civilization to its core.

What they reveal is more than an epiphany - it’s a Revelation of Biblical proportions.

Who is this woman? Will her discovery shake the foundations of science to its core and alter our current beliefs?


BACKGROUND: This story is based on the fact that mitochondrial DNA (mDNA) is carried on the FEMALE genome – not the male – and that any two women on earth share a common ancestry (set of genes) that can be traced back to the FIRST WOMAN on Earth – around 70,000 years ago.

This piece won BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY for April, 2010 at Britain’s ‘Circalit’ screenplay competition, and was favourably reviewed by Hollywood’s JULIE RICHARDSON, producer of the movie “COLLATERAL” starring Tom Cruise. Julie’s review is included in the document.

“WOMAN, FIRST” is unique in that the entire screenplay when released, was a mere 82 words long – a first in script writing!

Since then, the concept of one-page screenplays has taken off and become a thriving industry all its own. But this was the FIRST and the ORIGINAL concept of one page screenplays was mine.

It sparked an online debate that lasted many months and the play finally ended up sweeping all top placings - best screenplay, most reviews, highest rated reviews, highest # of votes, #1 favorite screenplay and many others.

Its success lies in its simplicity, and the open question – what is it *actually* about, and who, exactly, is the mysterious woman?

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June 3
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