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A new Pope will be chosen in Rome . . . and she just might be a woman. But she's made some powerful enemies who will stop at nothing-not even murder.
The world is watching as massive crowds gather in Rome, waiting for news of a new pope, one who promises to be unlike any other in history. It's a turning point that may change the Church forever. Some followers are ecstatic that the movement reinvigorating the Church is about to reach the Vatican, but the leading candidate has made a legion of powerful enemies who aren't afraid to kill for their cause.
From a difficult childhood with drug addled parents, to a career as a doctor on the front lines in Sudan, to a series of trials that test her faith at every turn, Brigid Fitzgerald's convictions and callings have made her the target of all those who fear that the Church has lost its way-dangerous adversaries who abhor challenges to tradition. Locked in a deadly, high-stakes battle with forces determined to undermine everything she believes in, Brigid must convert her enemies to her cause before she loses her faith . . . and her life.
From a civil war in Sudan to the drug dens and law firms of Boston, Woman of God spans the globe with a thrilling tale of perseverance, love, trust and what it means to live in a fallen world.

Fiction & Literature
September 26
Little, Brown and Company
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Vgirl207 ,

Woman of God

Beautiful story- makes you want to believe.

O'Seay ,

Woman of God

This is awful, anti Catholic garbage. Terrible characters, awful dialogue, just awful at the worst level.

Barbee1920 ,

Book review Barbee1920

I loved this book, couldn’t put it down until I finished reading it. Not your normal Patterson book. This should be made into a movie. This book was so moving. I cried while reading it. Thank you James Patterson and Maxine Paetro excellent work.

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