Woman With The Machine Woman With The Machine

Woman With The Machine

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Karen has no real response in bed. Karen just lies there and lets me do what I want. Unfortunately, Karen just lying there isn't what I want. I'm upset and angry and Karen is a bundle of nerves. She has been fed some sort of line by her family and friends about how good it would be if she just waited for sex until marriage and now her marriage is in trouble. What a letdown!
Karen tries several 'remedies.' I think the remedies are obtained from ladies magazines. The candlelight, the nighties, the mood music are all very good. However, the sex still remains awful.
I'm seriously contemplating divorce (and the almost certain loss of my job and probably my career,) when I have to take a business trip. I happen to listen in on a conversation between a couple of guys in the seat in front of me on an airplane. The one guy is telling his buddy how much his love life has improved since he bought his wife some sort of machine, called a Sybian. I write down the info.
When I get back home, I try to discuss the matter with Karen but she doesn't want to talk about a nasty machine.
In desperation, I make an appointment and I actually go and observe the machine in action! The Sybian machine isn't cheap (hell, it isn't even reasonable.) However the guy and his wife who are selling the machine say that they have never had a failure and they will sell me the machine on an unconditional money back guarantee basis.
I buy the machine. When I get the machine home it takes me a couple of hours to talk Karen into even looking at the thing.
Karen then has a fit when she finds out what I paid for the machine. She finally agrees to try the machine if and only if I'll promise to take it back and never again waste so much money on something that will never work. Since I have the money back guarantee and the obvious confidence of the sellers, I agree to the trail run.
Karen goes into the bathroom and changes into a sexy little baby doll nightie. She comes out and I support her while she lowers herself onto the smallest attachment, which I have installed for her. Mindful of the instruction booklet's warning about over stimulation, I have set the machine on one of the lowest settings.
Once she's installed on the Sybian, Karen starts to tell me, in her nasty, lecturing voice that the thing isn't actually all that unpleasant to use but that she'll never be stimulated by some sort of mechanical device, no matter how expensive. I should have talked to her before I bought machine. Why do I assume that I know what might stimulate a woman sexually, yada, yada, yada.
I think Karen would have continued bashing the machine and me, but she has to stop when she suddenly tells me of a strange feeling.
Karen tells me, “Kurt, I feel a bit strange, sort of tingly and maybe a little dizzy.” She suddenly says, "Ooohhhhh!"
I can see by the ecstasy on Karen's face that my wife has apparently just experienced her first orgasm. I lean in and softly kiss Karen, as she begins to work up to her second orgasm.
Karen's only response is to orgasm again.
Karen's orgasms are not screaming, thrashing demonstrations, but apparently soft little releases of tension that course through her body.
I softly massage her nipples through her baby doll, as she continues on her first voyage of Sybian exploration. (Karen never before would permit me such things as nipple massage. However, she's so involved with her Sybian ride that she doesn't stop me.) I don't know if the nipple caresses really do anything because Karen just continues to orgasm time after time.
After a time, Karen sort of goes limp from exhaustion and collapses against me.

Fiction & Literature
July 12
R. Richard
Draft2Digital, LLC

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