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This is not your typical female sex book. It guides you through secret methods to bring out your inner sensuality and achieve Ultimate Orgasms, up to 10 times more Pleasure! Learn to Orgasm in 10 different ways, From Gspot to Ingasms, enjoy them all! Learn the secrets of Sexual Kung Fu and Tantric Yoga. Find out why over 1000 copies were sold worldwide in 2 languages.

Asraroki Ila Qimat Al Mot3a is an Arabic educational sex guide. It promotes health while adding mental, psychological, and emotional balance. It guides you to bring out your inner sensuality. Benefit from proper and guided ways of Sex! Enjoy ultimate pleasure while relieving sexual frustrations!

Learn to express and share the energy of love, enter a joint meditative state, and prolong your youth and sex life expectancy. Empower yourself with physical skills to enhance sex and please your lover at higher levels. Enjoy superior sex while cultivating sexual energy and relieving sexual frustrations. Reach higher levels of sensuality to reach Ultimate Pleasure.

Benefits Gained:

Add sexual essence and attractiveness
Tighten vagina and Preserve elasticity
Ease menstrual cycle symptoms like Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
Solve many sexual frustrations and problems (lubrication, libido, desire, etc.)
Enhance sexual pleasure and sensitivity for both partners during sex
Relax the mind, reduce stress
Lose weight (hormone release, boost fat metabolism, and exercise
Enhance and beautify yourself with shiny hair, glowing skin
Facilitate and prepare delivery for childbirth
Reduce mental problems (stress, insomnia, anxiety, etc.)
Boost self-esteem (emotional health and well-being)

Every man and woman can learn to enjoy hours of love making and please each other at peak intensities previously thought impossible by advancing their sexuality using my Manual Guides.

Health, Mind & Body
September 6
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