Wonderful World

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Since winning Faber & Faber's Hard Lines short story competition when she was 19, this is Janie Reynolds debut collection of very short stories and poems. Janie's writing has been described as 'Sharp', 'Brilliant', 'Outstanding', 'Beautiful' and 'A literary tsunami'.

Lost within the lines of these poems and short stories are the weavings of a Wonderful World. One filled with imagination, fantasy, and the stark realities we are often loath to confront. Discover the depths of love, relationships, anxiety, despair and hallucination. For each grim moment in our lives there is a counter of brightness and unfettered happiness.

Wonderful World explores the depths of our emotions, whether it is through fear, hallucination, or the purity of innocence so often lost when we need it most. These poems and short stories are lovingly crafted to evoke an emotional response on the subconscious level. One we all share and are content with leaving trapped behind the bars of our own making.

Laugh. Cry. Ponder the mysteries of the world as you begin your own, unique journey through introspection and perhaps, just perhaps, come to understand the author as she explores the workings of a world that might not be so wonderful after all. 

"With this first collection of short works a dynamic and passionate new writer arrives on the literary scene with an impressive and commanding voice. Janie Reynolds never ceases to surprise and delight with this eclectic and often highly moving collection. Her interests and subjects are wide reaching but they always hit the mark with unerring focus and often an engaging wit. Beautifully written, every piece transports the reader to a complete and compelling world that leaves a lasting impression. Reynolds' life experience informs her work but it speaks to everyone. All we have to do is sit back and enjoy. Such a strong writing force will I am sure have more to offer." - Roddy Phillips Arts Critic

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December 15
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