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"Words on the Street" is an experienced insider's analysis of Wall Street language. This informative and entertaining exploration of marketplace rhetoric focuses on metaphors derived from the fascinating arenas of games, love, war, politics, religion, the fine arts, and natural physical science. This expose reviews that wordplay in the context of the American Dream.

Armies of books describe marketplace structure and instruments, recount economic history, or unveil personalities and strategies of heroic (or scandalous! individuals and institutions.

"Words on the Street" is different. It enlightens Wall Street professionals, Main Street audiences, policy makers, and academics regarding Wall Street talk and its implications.

Wall Street and American Dream rhetoric reflect and shape marketplace perspectives and thereby influence quests to make, keep, and manage money. Therefore Wall Street propaganda has major financial consequences for both Wall Street insiders and Main Street. "Words" may change marketplace viewpoints, including dogmas related to investment.

This cultural investigation shows how investors and other players are persuaded to venture into and stay within stock, interest rate, currency, and commodity arenas. The opportunity to make money is a very incomplete explanation.

The book is extensively documented from financial sources and via references to literature, film, and music.

This study of Wall Street s language and rhetorical methods benefits Wall Street professionals. Main Street residents, businesses, politicians, and regulators seeking insight on how and why Wall Street sermons attract and convince them. Enticed by the oratory of Wall Street and its allies, many millions of Main Street dwellers around the globe have marched into and remained within Wall Street, often to "invest". The recent worldwide economic crisis underlines the importance of Wall Street marketplaces, even for those who have not carried their own money directly to Wall Street tables.

"Words on the Street" demolishes the scientific ambitions and claims, not only of Wall Street, but also of economics and other social "sciences", "Words" investigates and discredits the counterfeit science (alleged objectivity) of the influential armies of would-be Newtons, Einsteins, Darwins, and Fords roaming throughout Wall Street and economics. Its analysis of Wall Street language in the context of the American Dream will fascinate American history scholars and students. Finally. "Words" provides an innovative yet persuasive explanation of cultural reasoning and how it differs from scientific rationality.

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December 8
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