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Romance. Danger. Giggles. Adventure. A Buddy Song. Ink Shakes. Smooches. A chance to meet the Queen of All Language!  What more could a Word want?

Well, a name of her own, to start with.

The Word senses she’s powerful, a word that’s both a noun and a verb. She just hasn’t found the right name…yet. But she knows the Rule of Language: if a word hasn’t chosen her name, she can’t join others in a meaningful sentence.

When she meets her new friend, EVERYTHING, and he invites her to join him on the possible-adventure-of-her lifetime (so far)—all the way to the Annual Sentence Jamboree—she knows the time has come to face her fears and decide who she is and what kind of sentence she’ll join.

Along the way, they meet friends who eagerly join the journey to the Jamboree and whole-heartedly agree, as friends do, to help the Word choose a name that fits. (This is where the romance and Buddy Song come in!)

But, oh-oh: HATE also becomes aware of the Word and her rare power. She could either destroy him or make him more wonderfully revolting than any word in the history of Language. He wants her power for his own, and begins to devise a scheme (horrendous, of course) that will make his wickedest dreams come true…

Round up a few words and join the adventure!

WORD does for language what Flatland did for geometry. Destined to become a classic, WORD appeals to all ages: children, teens, and adults alike.

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Fiction & Literature
November 6
Lionap LLC

Customer Reviews

faeriechilde ,

An unusual book

Like Jonathan Livingston Seagull or the Little Prince, Word is a spiritual journey masquerading as a children's book.

KeiraBlack ,

Great book!

What a fabulous idea. A great adventure and escape.

Raven_Fox ,

Absolutely fabulous!

A unique and charming piece of literature that is a rare find today. Literary fun abounds in this clever and touching story.

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