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Work The System aims to convince people to change their fundamental perception of the world around them from a vision of an impenetrable, amorphous conglomeration, to one made up of individual linear systems, each of which can be improved and perfected. The reader is guided through the process of “getting” this new vision, and then through the specifics of applying it. It’s simple, believable, and mechanical; not mystical or theoretical.

Work the System will show business leaders and professionals how to achieve a positive macro result by looking at their business and work on a micro level - by analyzing and refining each of the systems that are already in place. Readers will learn how to tweak this network of systems to maximize profits, create client loyalty, and develop autonomous employees. The strategies will also help individuals improve their performance and decrease the stress of being overtaxed or disorganized. 

Business & Personal Finance
May 1
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Customer Reviews

VccNY ,

Boring, unhelpful

I really wanted this book to be good, but I just found it so boring! It has a few good tips here and there, but the author focuses too much on himself, seemed arrogant as well. Systems are also too focused specifically on his own call service, not helpful if you are in another business. Maybe title should be revised. Waste of money

ManagerBW ,

Excellent source of firewood

If I could give it zero stars I would. Jumps around and is so convoluted. I really would never recommend this book to anyone unless they needed something to start a fire with.

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