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This is Absolutely not a misery book nor a show-off book nor a book of piety. It is a book unrivaled in its remorseless truth about our contemporary work climate over the last 3-4 decades [at least for lower income peoples] . It is no less than a no-hold barred fist fighting catapault that is the life of 'cal' artist and working slob. It also has an assortment of violence, racism, class bigotry, LGBT discrimination, gender-issues, and a great sense of tragi/comedy. It is foremost a very powerful statement of rebellion against all the mainstream sheep who inhabit our globe and want a nice easy read filled with happiness & niceties [maybe that s why it has been suppressed?]. This book is not one of them -a nice book with simple solutions -NOT. Moreover, it is no-less than just a really great read okay pockmarked with violence, madness, sex & laugh out loud humor. Enjoy.

"If your a godbotherer, a nun, or a lefty of the #metoo feminist-queer-LGBT twitter-atti kind- DO NOT READ THIS BOOK! It will in all likelihood give you an attack of the "Im oh so, precious of disposition, -Oh dear me books like this should really be banned, they upset people and especially progressive minded folks like us."

A short novella situated in and around the rather disrupted working life of an individual of unusual Common Sense Cal.Lawson. Laced with many diverse stories both amusing and dramatic related to Cal's Rules For Life as a member of the working class. This is Thought Provoking and an easy read with stories that pack a bigger punch than a rhinoceros on steroids, only with searing unrivaled Laugh Out Loud humor. At Heart it is a tragi-comedy with style! An antidote to chaos we now seem to know in the modern age. Read it. -John Pullman Literary Editor for The Times

“One of the most eclectic and stimulating public intellectuals at large today, fearless and impassioned.” —The Guardian

“The author has become a kind of secular prophet who, in an era of lobotomized conformism, thinks out of the box. . . . His message is overwhelmingly vital. No less than a call to arms of the abused everywhere, indeed workers everywhere -stand up for your rights!” -Melanie Stuart

“You don’t have to agree with the politics of this book or to like this book for, once you discard the self-help label, it becomes fascinating. Hoey is brilliant on many subjects particularly related to humour black humour that is, even godless humor. . . . So basically what we have here is a baggy, aggressive, in-your-face, get-real book that, ultimately, is an attempt to lead us back to what the author sees as the true, the beautiful and the good—i.e. in his own God defying way. I suppose it is a self-help book for those lost or who want to get lost?. . . . Either way, it’s a rocky read, but nobody ever said it was easy.” —Bryan Appleyard

Read at your own peril.

(Those with Weak hearts not advised)

"A book the literary high-minded contend is sooo badly authored, so politically incorrect, that it's actually good!!"-Jason Barker

It seems odd to me how such a book has been ignored even derided by critics yet deserves not to be ignored specifically at this point in time. I suggest it will become in time a classic of working class literature!" Gary Stevens - Maverick Online Magazine

"A book about the working class and also an account of change from an individual perspective to a more over-arching globalised perspective. The author maybe a self-published writer, nevertheless this is still one of the most compelling, provocative, literary books you will ever read -bar none." - Archer's Weekly

"A collection of finely told tales of what it is like to be on the lower end of the working spectrum. Told it maybe said with great humour and vitality! I enjoyed it and can recommend this little gem!" - Andrew Scholar, Scottish Herald.

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March 30
Greg Hoey
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