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Travel back in time to the WWII American homefront. Experience first-hand how the government mobilized public support for the war through higher taxes, hard work and sacrifice. Contrast that era with our "homefront" experience today, when only our troops and their families have been asked to make sacrifices for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This book is rich with interactive widgets that showcase WWII media -  80 posters, 18 films, cartoons, radio broadcast, recording and sheet music and a dozen rarely-seen pamphlets - from Bugs Bunny selling bonds in blackface, to Burns and Allen joking on the radio about rationing, to posters claiming taking a sick day was treasonous.

It's your chance to be the historian as provocative questions guide you through the archives while building your critical thinking / Common Core skills. The book also provides web access to the public domain content so you can remix the historic documents into your own projects.

"Workers Win the War" is an enhanced, multi-touch book written by Peter Pappas, a well-known teacher, instructional designer and educational blogger.

November 13
Edteck Designs for Learning, Inc.
Edteck Designs for Learning, Inc

Customer Reviews

actionheropdx ,

Another Great iBook

This iBook is a great follow-up to Peter's first book. This book is full of primary source materials and I also appreciate the links to common core standards. Nice job!

Mjhofe ,

Great book and Common Core connections

Like all of his stuff, Peter does an excellent job in this book of creating substantive content with robust scaffolding. In addition, I really appreciate the Common Core connections. Great resource!

mjg7328 ,

Think Like a Historian

You don't have to go deep into the iTunes Bookstore to find eBooks that offer shallow and incomplete analysis of history, but that is not what you'll get with Peter Pappas's books. Peter has again given us a thought-provoking multimedia march through an intriguing period in American History - one that is not well enough understood. Workers Win the War is a perfect tool for teaching students to think like Historians, and to draw their own conclusions. But you don't have to be a teacher to appreciate the amazing collection of historical documents! Whether you're a history buff or just interested in WWII, this is an essential offering you should grab immediately.

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