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A CPA emptied her bank accounts and her ex-husband sits in jail, charged in a multi-million dollar scam, but Jill Fountaine is determined to make things right. She rode from Dimwit, Missouri, in a Greyhound bus to find her ex-husband Barry Davison and rekindle their romance. But he's in jail, facing some big charges that could send him away for a long time.

Desperate for work, she takes a job offered to her by the founder of Deep Pockets Bank and Trust. She’ll use the skills she developed as a best-selling author to help the executives improve their communications talents. But she discovers this employer hasn’t painted an accurate picture of her new workplace. The bank is embroiled in a huge scam and her ex-husband, the love of her life, is right in the middle of the trouble. None of the executives want her there, fearing she may uncover their plot to scam the bank. Her office is in a converted broom closet that smells of Pine Sol and sits next to the men's bathroom at the end of the hall. Her desk is a broken down hunk of junk, probably rescued from the trash. She's forced to drive a pizza delivery car, repossessed by the bank, and wear clunky surveillance devices given to her by a neighbor who fancies himself the next 007.

Jill teams with a motley crew of offbeat friends and co-workers to solve the case. Her oddball neighbors moonlight as bumbling private investigators. Janitors clean floors while eavesdropping on corner-office conversations. An IT expert dresses in feline costumes and catnaps in coffins as she commands the bank’s massive computer infrastructure. The bank executives are particularly loathe of these individuals and have little regard for their work and cruelly flaunt their perceived superiority over them. As she works the case, Jill comes to the understanding that everyone should be valued and treated with dignity and respect. With the help of her team, Jill uncovers a conspiracy, loaded with her own stolen money and reaching the bank’s top executives.

In "Working with Really Stupid People: The Executives," Jill finds herself in one silly adventure after another as she attempts to clear her ex-husband, while dodging the antics of a desperate group of crooks. She realizes nothing will stop them from pilfering millions of dollars, including permanently erasing her from the picture.

Third in the Jill Fountaine series:
Working with Really Stupid People: The Neighbors
Working with Really Stupid People: The Relatives

Mysteries & Thrillers
November 3
Cindy McDermott
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