World, Incorporated

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Publisher Description

Welcome to the Misinformation Age.

A solitary man strides across a helipad tarmac on the top of a massive skyscraper. He is on his way to receive his next mission. Few know his name or his past, not even his employer, the CEO of World, Inc., who barely understands or cares what drives him. The CEO has called him by the code name “Sliver” since they met, and for the last four years Agent Sliver has efficiently accomplished dozens of covert missions that might ultimately give the company an edge on its competitors. But this is no ordinary tale of corporate espionage:

World, Incorporated is one of five supercorporations which, having overthrown governments across the globe in the wake of decades of social unrest and economic turmoil, spend their near-limitless resources to attain total supremacy in the post-national society of 2058. Answerable to no one, the supercorporations compete for the loyalty of the world’s population using any means necessary: revolutionary advancements, media control, clandestine sabotage. Sliver is an agent of the latter, and he is very good at his job. But his next mission is not going to go as planned…

The world as you know it already has screens that watch you back, figurehead leaders basking in post-truth doublespeak, and corporations with more money and influence than nations. For those who have ever wondered “where can it go from here?” World, Incorporated is a disturbingly believable take on how our society could dramatically evolve in just a few decades. This captivating action-thriller follows a conflicted young man along his path to revenge and redemption in the 21st century dystopia. His world is about to change. Will yours?

Fiction & Literature
April 19
Tom Gariffo
Draft2Digital, LLC