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This is the 15th Anniversary Edition of The World Trade Center Stories and for the first time includes The Missing Chapter, the mathematical proof of the most important question that we humans have ever pondered - the existence of God.

Improbable describes these interconnected stories with one common element - The World Trade Center.  I will take you on a journey spanning from my early childhood to my retirement and spin a convincing argument that much of my life was based on a predetermined destiny connected to The World Trade Center.

❋  Learn how my parents set the stage for this involvement in the 40s and 50s.

❋  Meet the remarkable cast of characters who guided me in this journey as I inched my way ever so closer to the Twin Towers.

❋ Discover the role that my daughter played as my family developed strong ties to the area.

❋ See how September 11 unfolded in my eyes and how the events of the day brought The Bank to its knees.

❋ Observe the sad and happy stories of dealing with the aftermath of this event.

❋ Explore the strong numerological connection amongst The World Trade Center, 9/11 and myself - a connection so mystical that it will leave you bewildered.  Now including the holy grail relationship as well as others that were missed in the print edition.

❋  An entire new chapter, appropriately called The Missing Chapter, which contains the mathematical proof  which drove the necessity of this edition.  A proof based on a sound and established mathematical principle.  The proof is shown in plain and simple language, easily understood even by those who are math challenged.

❋ And of course, the eBook edition allows the book to be produced in living color and include multimedia enhancements that would otherwise be unaffordable and/or impossible in print.

The World Trade Center Stories - Is it Fate or Fiction?  Read the book.  Think about the stories.  Understand the proof.  Decide for yourself.

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