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I just wanted the women in my life to give me a peaceful Irish existence. Until she walked into my pub and peaceful flew right out the window.

I knew the second that she sat down at my bar I'd be adding her to the list of women who drove me crazy. The current list wasn't long. I didn't have time for long. Between my two sisters, my ex, my daughter, and trying to dig the family pub out of near-bankruptcy, I didn't have the time or the interest to add in dating.

I liked being labeled the broody alpha around here anyway. Kept everyone right where I wanted them. Far away.

But actress Samantha Lane was used to men doing whatever it was that she wanted them to do and it appeared she wanted me to share the misery she was feeling right along with her.

After coming to her rescue over and over again, I started to see there was more to this woman than I had initially thought and maybe, just maybe, my list had room for one more.

Of course, the road to love in Ireland didn't leave any room for mistakes and if there was one thing I knew about myself, it was that I sure knew how to make a lot of those.

All I wanted was to drink until I could forget why I had risked my career to produce a film halfway across the world in Ireland. Getting cut off in the tiny pub, Murphys was an unfortunate hiccup in my plan that night. Especially since the angry alpha-hole owner had thrown me out into the storm wearing my best cashmere sweater.

But it turned out there was more to the man than met the eye and I desperately needed something to go right for me here. Of course, he was oh so wrong for me, but when the stakes became higher than I had ever planned, Brennan Murphy stepped up and for that, I was willing to try to see past the stupid jerk's tendency to drive me right past crazy and straight into insanity.

But who knew he had a few secrets of his own?

January 5
Holly Mortimer
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Fliah ,

Worlds apart

Loved the characters,not predictable,, over all a good book.

Dee 59 ,

What A Romantic Story

It is difficult to find a story full of romance and not just full of sex. These two people are both lonely and needy. No one would guess that a movie star and a pub owner could fulfill each other’s needs. This story can make you believe in happily ever after.

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