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Worlds without Limit

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The absolute Truths of the Christian faith have been taught by the Church for two thousand years. They are not based on human wisdom and do not depend on changing human knowledge. And yet they always have to be proclaimed in a language which is comprehensible to the thinking of the time. Thus theological interpretations relevant at specific times keep being reassessed. The contemporary spirit is shaped by scientific knowledge. However, truly progressive scientific thinking preserves and confirms the traditional truth.

Setting out from the Revelation to John, the Apocalypse, a renowned scientist shows that it is precisely the new thinking in science which reveals a vision of the truths of Christian faith and the teaching of the Church of unexpected richness. New interpretations of the old teaching are suggested. New interpretations have always been necessary and have always brought grave crises, from Thomas Aquinas, Giordano Bruno, Galileo Galilei, Friedrich Wöhler and others, up to this day. Coming to terms with change has always taken years, even centuries. Each time these dramatic conflicts led to the understanding of the truths on a higher level. With the current very high standard of science this is the case to an extent never before imagined.

The new understanding of timeless truths sometimes needs to be expressed in unusual, even odd terms. This must not be a reason to leave the interpretation of new scientific knowledge to ideologues. The Church is called and enabled to proclaim the divine truth unabridged.

There is one truth that unites faith and knowledge.

Religion & Spirituality
April 30
Dr. Jens Müller
Jens Mueller