Worth The Risk

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A small-town, simple living girl, terrified of being in the limelight…
…the most famous celebrity on the planet, convinced that she’s his soul mate…
…and an untimely lawsuit that forces them to make choices that will either make or break their lives...
All Rachel Polowsky wants is to lead a quiet life, making a moderate income from her online business based on her passion for healthy and simple living. When the most handsome man she’s ever seen approaches her at a booth at a vegan festival in the Midwestern United States, she’s determined not to let his flirtatious advances make any cracks or holes in the walls she’s constructed around her heart. Not even after she discovers that the man in question happens to be the most popular rock star on earth, Spanish singer Julio Estrella.

What she doesn’t realize is that Julio Estrella, known among family members and close friends by his real name, Antonio Ramirez, has been watching her from a distance. After a face-to-face encounter with Rachel during which she show no signs of recognizing him, Tony becomes convinced, based on a prayer he prayed a year ago, that she is the one God created to be his soul mate.

It takes a literal knock on Rachel’s head in order for circumstances to force her into Tony’s presence, and eventually, into his life. At first, Rachel is a reluctant participant, believing that once the Atlantic Ocean is between them, Tony’s feelings for her will fizzle out. Instead, they only grow stronger, and Rachel can’t stop her own heart from reciprocating. Though a humiliating and painful experience during her truncated time at the university produced an irrational fear of fame inside her, she begins to wonder if falling in love with this particular famous person might be worth the risk of getting her face published on millions of copies of gossip magazines.

Until the day she receives an unexpected summons to court to be a witness for Tony in a civil lawsuit that has been filed against him. The horrible memories from a scant few years ago come flooding back, and Rachel cuts Tony out of her life. At least, as much as she can, given that she has to meet with his lawyer and show up in court.

The only problem with her plan is that a death threat from unknown person who is determined to keep her out of the courtroom, sends Rachel to the one place on earth she doesn’t want to be: in close proximity to Tony.
Sparks fly, and a flame begins to burn between them again. Then Rachel’s worst nightmare comes true, and both she and Tony face making frightening choices, trying to decide whether their relationship is worth the risk of flipping their lives upside down.

This sweet, clean romance novel is the first book in author Emily Josephine’s “Rock Star Husband” series. It’s a full-length inspirational romance novel that makes for either a perfect beach read or a heart-warming story on a cold winter’s night.

June 15
Emily Josephine
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Linda Gowan ,

Good reading

People with real problems make a good book

AngieDeanna ,

Worth the Risk

An okay read. Kind of contrived and too long.

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