Worthy As F**k‪!‬

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From the writer of Reality Creation 101 comes, something very different.

Feeling worthy, or rather the lack thereof, is likely the most significant contributor to suffering on the planet. This is because, when an individual doesn't feel worthy of having or creating what they want, they have a tendency to radiate suffering. They will either feel suffering internally within themselves or externalize it by creating suffering for someone else outside of themselves.

Now imagine billions of people radiating the emotional pain of suffering from feeling unworthy of having what they want. It's easy to see why there are constant wars, famine, and poverty on our planet.

Why is this and where did it come from?

Indoctrination. We were born into a system of 'shoulds' and 'have to's. We were born into a system where the rules were already defined for us by other people.

But now is the time that we break out of the system, the Hivemind Collective. This is the time  of The Great Awakening and the time for you to rise up. There is an entirely new life waiting for you once you step into your worthiness and occupy the greater version of You that has been waiting for this moment for eons.

Breaking You Out of Prison

This, is a breakout book. This is a book about freedom. Author Christopher A. Pinckley is going to break you out of the prison of 'should.' You are going to release all of the baggage of 'should's and 'have to's and begin to live again, perhaps for the first time. To really live the life that you were meant for. It's virtually impossible to do this under the heaven burden of guilt and obligation.

Also, you'll learn the insanely important act of physically creating boundaries. Without healthy boundaries it's difficult not to constantly give your power away to the people around you.

Be warned though. This book is not for the faint of heart.

If you have a tendency to think things should always be a certain way then you might not like this book.

If you feel like you are supposed to follow the rules then you might not like this book.

If you victim blame people for finally standing up for themselves, then you'll probably not like the book.

If the dropping of F bombs and expletives is highly offensive to you then you will definitely not like this book.

If you emotionally snap in half like a piece of balsa wood when someone says something you don't agree with then you should probably stop now.

Author & Coach Christopher A. Pinckley decided to step into the abyss with the writing of this book.

If you dare to follow the click 'Buy now' and step into the unknown.

Health, Mind & Body
October 30
Chris Pinckley
Draft2Digital, LLC

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