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An MC Romance.

I’m not the kind of man to give a woman a fairy tale ending. But for Rin, I’m willing to try.

Rin -- My mom died when I was little, and my dad followed when I was fifteen. My half-brother, the nastiest human being I’ve ever met, convinced the state to grant him custody. More likely he bribed people. My life has been hell since then. Every time I try to run, he finds me, tortures me, and makes sure I toe the line. This time will be different. I’m asking the Dixie Reapers for help. If they turn me away, I’m as good as dead, but even that’s preferable to what my half-brother has planned for me next.

I didn’t count on the sexy man with the dark, brooding eyes. The man who defended me only seconds after laying eyes on me. The man who makes me want things I’ve never wanted before. I knew better than to sleep with him, knew I wasn’t good enough. When he rejects me, I run. Discovering several weeks later that he left a little part of himself inside me is even more terrifying than my half-brother finding me.

Wraith -- I’m not the settling-down type. Maybe once upon a time, but not anymore. While I was serving overseas, my sister was left for dead in a gutter. I failed her. Failed my parents, who made me promise to protect her before they breathed their last. Now I’m faced with Rin, the strongest, most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. She needs a protector, and I’ll gladly be that for her. I want her. Want to keep her and make her mine. I’ve f****d my share of women over the years, but I’ve never made love to one. Until Rin. But I’m no good for her, or anyone else. She thinks she’s not worthy of me, but it’s the other way around.

Then she runs and I feel like a piece of my soul has been ripped out. Finding her won’t be easy, but I won’t stop until she’s back in my home, in my bed. And I’ll make sure that every a*****e who ever laid a hand on her is buried six feet under or rotting in prison. No one will ever hurt her again.

It never occurred to me that I would be the a*****e to hurt her. I stopped believing in Christmas miracles a long time ago, but now I really need one. I need Rin back, and I’ll do anything to make her mine.

December 7
Changeling Press LLC
Changeling Press LLC

Customer Reviews

Ladii Golden ,

A Rough Biker Hero

Wraith was strong and sexy and knew what he wanted. This was a great sizzling read

I want this book ,


Amazing! Couldn’t put this book down. Another winner.Fell in love with the characters. I love reading the series because you get to hear about what the other characters are up also.

djbuloc ,

Another Great Read

Wraith was amazing. I have to admit there were a few times where I was ready to jump through my phone on him because he was being so stubborn lol, but at the end he came to his senses. Rin is my absolute favorite. Reading about her story made me want to break down but I loved how strong she was and though she was abused in countless ways it didn’t stop her from giving Wraith a try. I definitely feel as if this was a 5 star read.

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