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MARIE: It's been six years since I got my baby brother and sister out of the hellhole of abuse we grew up in. Six years spent looking over my shoulder, wondering if we'd ever truly escape our father's wrath. Everything I did back then, I did to keep them alive. And now that a violent criminal from our past has found us, I'm forced again to use the skills I never asked to be good at. It's bad enough I end up getting caught in the crime by a man as ruthless as my sister's captor. But needing—and wanting—to trust him? That's completely unchartered territory for me.

LUKE: It's been a while since I've caught someone stealing from me—I'm just not the kind of man people make that mistake with often. Hell, if I'd been able to take my eyes off of her that night, she would've gotten away with it, too; she's that good. And yeah, this mess she's in is bad enough I don't fault her actions. Still, letting her go is out of the question. I know she thinks I'm as dangerous as they come, and in some ways I am. Given how protective I'm starting to feel about her, dangerous doesn't even begin to describe the lengths I'll go to keep her safe.


Wrecked (Luke & Marie)

Scarred (Mikhael & Alina)

Frayed (Kane & Daniella)

Previously published as House Rules (c) 2014, revised throughout with newly added content, new characters, and a different extended ending.

October 10
Christa Wick
Garamond Books

Customer Reviews

Bmartogo ,

Needs Editing

I love Christa Wick’s writing and have read many of her books. While I am not usually bothered by minor editing mistakes, this book is full of them. The content is good, though it went pretty hard core toward the end. I just lost focus when sentences weren’t complete or you could tell the sentence had been rewritten because parts of the original sentence were evident.

RowenaB10 ,

Action packed romance that doesn’t disappoint!

Doing something wrong ends up being right as Marie meets a Luke in a not so idea, situation. I was highly entertained with Marie and Luke journey which started with a bang and ended so sweetly! I loved the flow of this thrilling suspense romance read that the author brings to life with its great character and intense chemistry that will have you flipping the pages. Great start to the series and I can’t wait for the next book.

Campnoname ,

Yeah plus size

For once a plus size woman finds love. Interesting characters. She afraid to trust and the guy forces her to see her beauty.

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