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Cesar Hawke works for the Office of Preternatural Affairs. He's an agent in the Magic Violations Department, hunting down witches who break the law, saving lives, and getting caught up in a lot more trouble than he's paid to deal with.

Fritz Friederling is his boss. The director. The heir of the Friederling fortune, earned by mining in Hell with human slaves. A man who puts away witches for life without trial. Inheritor of his father's legacy, and his grandfather's, and all the ruthless men who came before.

But they didn't always work together. Not before, and not after. Once they were strangers, and now they're something else. More fatal than family, more permanent than marriage, closer than the oldest friends, until death do they part...

This novella tells the story of the early years of their partnership from Fritz Friederling's perspective. It contains spoilers and should be read after the rest of the Preternatural Affairs series. It also includes a new, exclusive afterword from the author!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 20
Red Iris Books
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Scssh ,

An unexpected love story

This is not your usual Sara Reine novel. This is a romance novel. The romance is not quite what one expects from a romance novel, but it is indeed one. This is the story of how one slightly jaded, very rich man named Fritz found and fell in love with one amazing and seemingly clueless PI, Cesar. It is basically an insight to many novels spread over Cesar's series as told from Fritz's point of view. If you haven't read his books, you will still enjoy this book, but if you have you will quite simply LOVE this book. Because Cesar is the man we all have loved, and we come to find that Fritz Federling was not immune to his charms.

Rayofsunshine1971 ,

Fate Always Gets Her Way

Advance copy of book granted to me in exchange for an honest review.

Prenatural Affairs novella, Wretched Wicked pulls Descentaverse readers back to a time before binding of famous playboy kopsis to allergic to magic witch. Back to the days when Cesar was a PI pulling magical trickster set on helping out humanity and Fritz was in the pinnacle of his pompous sexual deviant days. Cesar’s inability to hide his witchy skills from the Office of Prenatural Affairs results in a personal visit from Fritz aka big time OPA Directer Friederling - the guy that decides who continues to exist. Lucky for Cesar, Fritz is feeling generous and strangely drawn to him. And so begins the game of cat (Fritz) and mouse (Cesar).

Fast forward several years. Caesar’s recovering from being abruptly reborn as a giant sparkly fairy that swallows souls to survive, with his first meal being the essence of Fritz. Fortunately for Fritz, Cesar can givith back what he taketh - leading to what fate has had in store for them all along.

If you are a fan of all things supernatural with a little naughty thrown in then you’ll relish Wretched Wicked. Fast paced, well designed, it’s a read that does not disappoint.

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