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Six Stories of Love in the Stars!

Mia and the Alien Prince by Megan Alban 
Crown Prince Khiron of the Delinan Empire is looking for the fiancée he hardly knows, who’s doing aid work on a far-flung planet. The lovely local female he meets on a stopover on Mars shouldn’t be more than a brief distraction. 
Mia Langland has her life planned out. She’ll work another couple of years, waitressing on Mars, then go home to Earth to help children orphaned in the devastating global floods. She doesn’t want some alien prince messing with her heart—especially when he’s engaged to somebody else. 
Will Prince Khiron help Mia follow her dream, or will her own desires pull her into an affair that could ruin both of their lives—and bring down the galactic empire? 

The Broadcast by Billie Hart 
For years, alien technologist Alyse Pepperfield has dreamed of advancing human discoveries. She’s on planet SH-17 to find the source of the strange, alien broadcast. Four years in, when a critical mission to the mine fields falls on Alyse’s shoulders, she takes it, despite the approaching meteorite storm. 
But when danger strikes on the field, Alyse’s nerves steer her thoughts to one man. Her boss, space marine Captain Darner, has always been there for her. And the more she discovers in the mines, the more she realizes her true feelings for him. 

Another Earth by Demi Knight 
The room temperature grew hotter as their passion to be together took on a more urgent momentum. Their hands started to explore and roam across the surface of their clothing. She pressed against him, transmitting her need, before leaping up on him, wrapping her legs around his waist. Grounding her heat into his middle. 
She’d moved quickly without pulling her lips away from his. He couldn’t control his hands, which developed a life of their own as they wandered all over her, from her cheeks down to her ass. He took off her blouse and let her hair down, to fall over her bare shoulders. Then he undid her bra, letting his hands fondle her breasts, as they fell into his palms. She looked to him like a pure goddess. 
His heart pounded, making it difficult to breathe... 

Claimed by Emma Gale 
In the remote mountains of a frontier planet, Paige Roth has her hands full protecting her claim against the goons of MagnorCo. With the help of her robots, she's doing pretty well, but the last thing she expects to fall into one of her traps is a handsome stranger trying to hike through the mountains for reasons of his own. 
He's handsome enough to make her forget where she put her toolkit, but can she trust him? 

Alien to Love by Wendy C. Giffen 
Her family has gone crazy, her man’s a mystery! Will love and attitude be enough? 
Feisty but vulnerable Celeste needs to reunite her family so she is free to marry her mystery man, but their problems and her attitudes keep getting in the way. 
In this second stand-alone novelette in the American Alien series of contemporary SF romance, an intelligent and curvy BW needs a little outside help to solve her families problems, but she wants to do it on her own! 

Alien Mercenary's Desire by Lia Cole 
Kordiss has spent his life on the fringe. But when he rescues feisty human Sharla from intergalactic sex traders, his defenses are breached by her trusting smile. And when she's stolen from his arms, nothing will stand in the way of getting her back.

February 29
Emma Gale
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