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"I read it twice. It's that good." - Colonel D. Paquin, U.S. Army 10th Mountain Division

Wrong Town fuses the worlds of special operations, counterintelligence, police work, and small-town drama into a gripping adventure full of characters with monumental responsibilities and real-life troubles.

Follow thirty-nine-year-old veteran Mark Landry as he returns home, having retired from an American government black-ops unit. In a small town north of Boston with a rich history, Landry finds that the only girl he has ever loved, Luci Alvarez, is now an extraordinary policewoman at the precarious center of a community’s struggles with change, amidst a powder keg of fear and paranoia not seen since colonial times. Landry seeks to convince Officer Alvarez that he is home for good as he learns the astonishing answer to a lifelong mystery. Landry is eager to begin his new life, but events threaten to expose disturbing details of his past that would send shockwaves through the country and sabotage the only relationship he cares about.

As terrorist attacks and targeted mass shootings increasingly litter American soil, two new realities come into focus: the war on terrorism’s geographic center of gravity is shifting, and Landry’s new life is beginning to look a lot like the career he left behind.

Wrong Town is the debut book of the Mark Landry Series. The second and third books are Family Matters & Turning Point.

Randall H. Miller is the author of seven books, including the Best Selling Mark Landry series. He has a M.A. in Diplomacy (focused on International Terrorism) and a B.A. in Criminal Justice, both from Norwich University, the nation’s oldest private military college. A former officer in the 82nd Airborne and 2nd Infantry Divisions, he researches and trains regularly in weapons and close-quarter-battle tactics alongside law enforcement and military operators. He lives in North Andover, Massachusetts.

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 25
Imperium Press
Randall H. Miller, LLC

Customer Reviews

Keredhunt ,

Fast paced and current

I purchased "Wrong Town" on the advice of I think Lee Childs Facebook mention, and was not let down. It made a long plane ride and layover tolerable. The characters are fresh and interesting and I can see a whole series of interesting adventures in Mark Luci and Kenny's future. Everything is written with todays political and ideological troubles in mind without being to overbearing or preachy. Well worth the money and time, if you are on the fence I say go ahead and read it, you will enjoy the ride!

Kokolaura ,

I want more

This was soooo good and reminded me of Mitch Rapp series! I can hardly wait for the next installment!!!

Keredhunt ,

Fast paced and thrilling

I saw "Wrong Town" positively reviewed on Facebook a week before going on vacation. Purchased it and flew through it on a daylong layover filled trip from Mexico to Baltimore. The characters are new and exciting with plenty of initial development, and I look forward to their upcoming adventures. The story was well paced and provided plenty of "realistic" detail. It pulls plot lines from a plethora of current political and social ideologies without driving any particular leaning down the readers throat. I will defiantly read the next installment (hopefully not in an airport lounge though).

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