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WTF Moments in Psychotherapy will take you on a wild uncharted voyage where you'll experience some of the most baffling, puzzling, befuddling and just plain quirky client cases and encounters I've had in my 30 years as a psychotherapist. You'll meet The Lip Balm Man (aka Pinocchio), The Lady Medusa, The Herbal Medicine Man, The Kerosene Kid, Sluggo & Sweetums and many, many more unique and interesting characters. The intent of the book is to allow laughter and some lightheartedness into people's lives and into a profession that is blanketed with shame, guilt, grief, remorse and heartache. A field in which if you are not careful, you'll end up taking care of everyone but yourself. Weeks, months, and years of exposure to clients issues of sadness, grief could, if left unsettled, tear one's heart out. Comedy from tragedy, at times, makes heart breaking experiences much more palatable. The books contents may best be described by the philosopher, Vaclav Havel when he stated, “Perhaps one could never find the sense in life without first experiencing its absurdity.” This book presents these absurdities, representing about one-tenth of one percent of the patients seen in six offices over three decades of practice. While many readers love the off-beat and cynical satirical humor spread throughout the writings, a few of the readers will want to search for the instruction manual on reintroducing the fine art of tar and feathering the author.

A few other comments describing the books characters referenced Charles Darwin stating that many of the characters encountered, throughout the book, may make Darwin re-think and modify his Theory of Evolution and the Survival of the Fittest. The quirky cast of individuals doesn't just include past clients but the author himself, after his return from, god only knows where, to somewhere close to normalcy. The author admits that he would have won the "Doofus Award"(given to the top goof in therapy Doofdom) if someone other than himself had control of the vote.
When taking my first master’s level psychology course the professor brought forth the fact that we would, at times, throughout the years encounter individuals who we would be incapable of labeling or categorizing by using our Bible, The Diagnostic Statistical Manual, DSM, a reference utilized by psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, etc. that lists hundreds of mental and/or emotional disorders. The category missing from the reference manual, he stated, is “fu—ing crazy”. The book is chock full of these individuals, however, to reiterate, they only represent an extremely small portion of the thousands of individuals court mandated, to my offices over the years.
After creating several self-help books, CD's and MP3's many of my colleagues and friends suggested that I write some of the most farcical experiences I've had which were generated from my profession.
Caution: The book is not meant as an instructional book offering psychotherapy tools, techniques or espousing modes of treatment. If a lesson is to be learned it's -don't take yourself or your work so seriously you block out humor in your life. So rather than controlling your emotions I'm asking you to let go and enjoy a moment of laughter. The book contains adult humor and is NSFW. While the book may not be suited for your coffee table display, it makes a fabulous piece of art and reader to keep in your Loo.

July 15
Jere F. Parker
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