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In this novel this tale portrays Catherine and Heathcliff, their all-encompassing love for one another, and how this unresolved passion eventually destroys them both, leading Heathcliff to shun and abuse society.

January 1
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Earthmother1999 ,

Antiheroism at its finest

A hauntingly beautiful story centered around complex and extremely human characters. Heathcliff is the proverbial antihero, often romanticized for his abiding love of Catherine Earnshaw, which to be fair, would be better described as obsession than love. Catherine and Heathcliff are both extremely selfish and repeatedly make wrong decisions, especially with respect to love and marriage, bringing great suffering upon themselves and others. Still, their backstory elicits compassion, and Heathcliff's enduring affection is romantic in a way, which is probably why many readers see his vengeful and selfish acts not as those of a true villain but as those of a sort of fragile, flawed, and deeply damaged hero.

ChristianJ.F ,

Awesome book!

If you are thinking of reading this because "Edward and Bella told you" stay away from this book. This is a classic for people who know how to appreciate it. It's phenomenal! There's so much to figure out in this book. It's very deep.

Scooter182 ,

Mid nineteenth century reality tv show

The characters of Wuthering Heights were like a train wreck you couldn't take you eyes off - or in this case stop reading about. The inhabitants of the Heights were first introduced to us as a classic dysfunctional family. They positively exuded hate for one another and they laid all the dirt for all to see with no shame. I couldn't stop myself from flipping through the pages to find out all the juicy details, and felt a little dirty and disturbed in the process. I found it less of a love story between Heathcliff and Catherine, and more about how not to raise your children if you don't want them to grow up into a catastrophic mess.

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