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In 1975, James Jones—the American author whose novels From Here to Eternity and The Thin Red Line had made him the preeminent voice of the enlisted man in World War II—was chosen to write the text for an oversized coffee table book edited by former Yank magazine art director Art Weithas and featuring visual art from World War II. The book was a best seller, praised for both its images and for Jones’s text, but in subsequent decades the artwork made it impossible for the book to be reproduced in its original form, and it fell out of print and was forgotten. This edition of WWII makes available for the first time in more than twenty years Jones’s stunning text, his only extended nonfiction writing on the war that defined his generation.

Moving chronologically and thematically through the complex history of the conflict, Jones interweaves his own vivid memories of soldiering in the Pacific—from the look on a Japanese fighter pilot’s face as he bombed Pearl Harbor, so close that Jones could see him smile and wave, to hitting the beach under fire in Guadalcanal—while always returning to resounding larger themes. Much of WWII can be read as a tribute to the commitment of American soldiers, but Jones also pulls no punches, bluntly chronicling resentment at the privilege of the officers, questionable strategic choices, wartime suffering, disorganization, the needless loss of life, and the brutal realization that a single soldier is ultimately nothing but a replaceable cog in a heartless machine. As the generation that fought and won World War II leaves the stage, James Jones’s book reminds us of what they accomplished—and what they sacrificed to do so.

October 30
University of Chicago Press
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leeeoooooo ,

Awesome! Amazing! Best, most personal history of The War.

I have been reading several histories of The War, my previous favorite being Doris Kerns Goodwin’s “No Ordinary Time” which told the history of the war from the points of view of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and those around them at the time. Amazing detail about the events and the decisions behind them, and the effects on the home front.

This book tells the same story from the other end of the telescope.
What did all those important events look like to the average fighting man: how it looked to him, how it changed him, what it meant to him, how he thought about it.
Fascinating insights throughout along with amazing artwork. Much discussion about the importance of the art and of humor in the day to day grind.
Simply an outstanding story by a very expressive writer.
Thank you for such a wonderful book!

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