Wyoming Sun

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East of your nightmares, west of your dreams...

Here are the venturers:

A thirteen-year-old boy on the Great Plains in 1850 must contend with hunger, smallpox, and intruders from a world and time he can barely imagine.

A young woman reporter and an elderly biologist become party to the strangest conspiracy of the century.

An ex-Senator, resigned and in disgrace, returns home to the mountains only to find that the past is not dead — just deadly.

A young Indian man discovers that the ultimate winner may not be so easy to predict in a clash between cultures.

A quartet of old friends find their lives inextricably tangled with what may be a ghost from the prehistoric past.

These are portraits in fiction of the West... fantasy as colorful as an old-time rodeo... science fiction as contemporary as the energy industry.

"Ed Bryant is one of the poets of speculative fiction; his stories ar more than speculation, more than metaphor. They create a mythos. The myth throbs as some dark center we believe true in a symbolic, if not actual way. One of the highest goals of literature is the creation of myth which gives us insight into ourselves and our world. Bryant gives us that insight into a changing Wyoming, where the frontier/cowboy west meets energy technology and its technocrats."
—Charles Levendosky, Author of perimeters and aspects of the vertical

"Wyoming Sun justifies all the years I have prodded Ed Bryant to use his native Wyoming background in his writing. As I read the stories, I saw, heard and smelled Wyoming quite differently than before. This collection of short stories is a boon to readers and to librarians, Western Americana with a fantastic science fiction twist. My wager says you read one story, then the entire collection."
—Ruby Preuit, President, Wyoming Library Association

"Science fiction in Wyoming? It's true and fantastic, created by Ed Bryant in response to his home state. He links the past, the present and the future through believable characters, realistic detail, and fantasia. His unpredictable designs leave open doors that invite the reader's imagination, offer creative experience that captures interest to the last page and beyond."
—Peggy Simson Curry, Author of Red Wind of Wyoming and Fire in the Water

Although born originally in New York, Edward Bryant grew up on a cattle ranch at the foot of the Sybille Canyon between Laramie and Wheatland, Wyoming. He graduated from Wheatland High School in 1963 and then attended the University of Wyoming as a General Motors Scholar. Since 1969 Bryant has worked full-time as a freelance writer, producing over a dozen books, two screenplays, and scores of short stories and articles. He has also worked as an artist-in-residence for the Wyoming Council on the Arts and other sponsoring bodies. He has won two Nebula Awards for best short story of the year.

Because of Ed's financial needs, almost all the profits from this book go directly to Ed. Donations to help with Ed's medical and other financial needs are also most appreciated via www.FriendsOfEd.org. Thank you!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 23
ReAnimus Press
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