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A rancher’s ego sparks a perilous adventure.

Ride or die! That’s what Clint told himself.

Cowboys in blizzard conditions, life-saving animals, and three women who love them all—Wyoming Sundown is a chilly adventure about a less than perfect, modern-day ranch family.

Frustrated after years of inactivity due to his paralysis, Clint McAllister creates a challenge, a contest that will bring the McAllister men together again. At least that’s what he told his wife, Alice. Though the idea lifted his veil of on-going depression, it placed his sons, Trace and Troy, in great danger; it also came with a strict set of rules. Will these cowboys agree to take their dad’s challenge and ride horseback across the remote wastelands of Wyoming in the dead of winter? 

Alice is furious with Clint and his foolish plan. It was almost Christmas, a bad time for such nonsense. This impossible competition had disaster written all over it, so she dreams up a secret agenda of her own that includes Hannah and Heather, her sons’ fiancés. The women head to Wyoming and prepare for the holiday. They manage to set aside their worries until too many days pass with no word from any of their men. Nothing made sense anymore. Had the covert, unspoken portion of Clint’s grand plan gone terribly wrong? 

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October 1
Cricket Rohman
Cricket Rohman Gallegos

Customer Reviews

ReginasFiberArt ,

Great family drama

Book 3 in the McCallister trilogy is an excellent wrap up book. Lots of tension, drama, and mystery are prevalent throughout the story.

The main storyline is a challenge Clint issues to his sons, promising a treasure to the winner. While Troy and Trace decide to play along, they vow not to let it drive a wedge between them. All three men face trials and danger on their separate travels through rough winter Wyoming territory.

My chief takeaway on Clint is he’s a very old-fashioned father and husband. He’s a hard character to warm up to as he refuses to accept help, support, and love. While his wife must be a saint to put up with him, she has a slight bit of coldness to her as well. Perhaps this comes from years of living with Clint.

All our favorite characters from books one and two are present in Wyoming Sundown. They certainly bring warmth to the story. From the horses, dogs, cats, and even lovable little Billy, we know good things must be in store for this family.

The Christmas season theme is delightful. Nothing creates a warm, happy, feel-good ending like a saved Christmas. Due to the HEA genre, I don’t believe this is a spoiler.

I feel the author left just enough threads to continue the storyline if she desires. However, Wyoming Sundown does a fine job of tying up loose ends to call the series finished.

I recommend Wyoming Sundown to lovers of Western romance, clean fiction, and family-related fiction.

Marie Bourgery ,

A Dangerous Challenge

Clint shouldn’t have planned such a dangerous journey in the middle of winter for himself and his sons just to get closer to them. His wife Alice was judgmental towards her future daughter-in-laws. She didn’t want Billy to call her grandma because he wasn’t her son’s blood related child. Poor Oatie the dog was shot and fell off a cliff. There was plenty of action dealing with the winter weather, wild animals, and human poachers and thieves.

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