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The war for survival of the planet Lusitania will be fought in the heart of a child named Gloriously Bright.

On Lusitania, Ender found a world where humans and pequininos and the Hive Queen could all live together; where three very different intelligent species could find common ground at last. Or so he thought.

Lusitania also harbors the descolada, a virus that kills all humans it infects, but which the pequininos require in order to become adults. The Starways Congress so fears the effects of the descolada, should it escape from Lusitania, that they have ordered the destruction of the entire planet, and all who live there. The Fleet is on its way, a second xenocide seems inevitable. Xenocide is the third novel in Orson Scott Card's Ender Quintet.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 30
Tom Doherty Associates

Customer Reviews

Sjuzzle swizzle ,

Good continuation of the Ender series

I loved Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead, so I bought this book to see where Card would take the series. This story was entertaining, but not as cohesive as the previous two, nor as easy to read. I think there are three reasons for this: personally, I get tired of books in series and lose attention. Also, this book has more characters, story lines, and tangents than then the others. Finally, Card spends more time fleshing out the details of relationships, personalities/motivations, and science/metaphysics/religion.

The story continues to be fun and interesting; I plan on buying the next book in the series right now. I recommend this one if you liked the first to books.

CarstenJames ,

A little tedious at points but worth the read

Xenocide has been sitting on my shelves for years.. Unread for most of that time. It was difficult for me to watch Ender Wiggin grow old and it seemed to take a long time for many of the elements of the story to come together. It was worth it in the end though. The book presents a number of interesting ideas that make the time investment worth it. For anyone that knows anything about the Mormon tradition, Card presents a number of philosophical ideas from his faith.

If your looking for something to read and have enjoyed the previous books in this series then you will probably find Xenocide a worthwhile read.

TyTyTYTy7 ,

Mind Blowing

Great book but difficult to follow at times. Really puts your brain to the test and keeps you wanting to flip the next page.

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