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Xi is part one of the XiFiSy Trilogy. It is the story of the growth of our fun loving heroine Xi, as she gains power and knowledge to travel from her own antimatter universe to ours as XiFiSy. The heroines of Earth are brilliant, clairvoyant, empathetic and courageous. This is their story too as these, Chinese, South African and Russian Astronauts begin their tumultuous journey to the stars. Two of the Earthly heroines are in quest of people they have lost. The other is searching for a universal force to protect “her elephants”, that are being decimated by mankind's indifference. Battles range from planetary to galactic to universal, and finally to multiversal of multiversal in scale. The reader will journey with our heroines and want them all to succeed against interplanetary and intergalactic sentients of immense power. Humour is there to lessen the tension and give perspective to their epic struggles. The lives of our heroines are rich in diversity of place and in density-time. So get this first book, Xi, now of the XiFiSy Trilogy and get to know their characters and their journey as the story plays out against the greatest backdrop, the multiverse of multiverses. Be the first to journey with Xi to the stars. This sweeping action adventure never slows in pace or in surprises. It will open your mind to everything. Book 2 (XiFiSy) and Book 3(Xing) of the Trilogy are available so the adventure does not end with Xi. It will change your perspective of the Multiverse we live in. It is exciting and mind warping so you are never limited to Earth anymore. Get Xi today and begin your adventure into infinity.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 29
Chris Landau
Smashwords, Inc.

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