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This set includes all five books of the Yasmin Peace Series: Finding
Your Faith, Believing in Hope, Experiencing the Joy, Learning
to Love, and Enjoying True Peace.

Yasmin Peace is a young girl
dealing with the harshness of life's lessons. Unfortunately, this is the case for
many children. In the Yasmin Peace Series, the author would like to send the message
to our youth that even in the midst of calamity, you can always trust and depend
on God. Join Yasmin Peace on her journey through this series that will encourage
character growth and development.

In Finding Your Faith, Yasmin
takes on the responsibility of overseeing what's left of her family after her oldest
brother's tragic suicide. Through it all, she learns perseverance. As she sheds
her tomboy exterior and finds her faith, Yasmin blossoms into the young lady God
destined her to become.

In Believing in Hope, family tensions and
school unrest soar to a fever pitch. A school counselor begins the LIGHT club, a
club dedicated to helping eighth grade girls deal with issues like gangs, depression,
teen suicide, and self esteem. Yasmin discovers that there is hope on the other
side of every obstacle-if she holds on to her faith. Even as some situations seem
to get worse, she realizes that her hope is in the Lord, and we witness how she
learns to rely on Him.

In Experiencing  the Joy, Yasmin is
graduating from the eighth grade and headed to high school.  With the help
of the LIGHT club, she ends the school year on a positive note, as she learns about
self-esteem and true joy. What Yasmin learns will be put to the test over the summer
and at the beginning of her first year in high school as she encounters new drama
with family and friends.  Through it all and in less than perfect circumstances,
Yasmin manages to hold on to her hope, keep her head up and experience joy.

Learning to Love, Yasmin, her brothers and mother lose their apartment
in a fire.  As if that was not enough, Yasmin's grandmother is diagnosed
with Alzheimers.  Through all of these seemingly bad situations, Yasmin does
not lose hope that things will get better.  As she heads off to high school, that
hope pays off and things are finally starting to look up. She has three
great friends, her father is out of jail and finally, the drama is behind her. 
At least that's what Yasmin thinks. She has yet to learn the lessons of love
as she finds out that loving those who are the closest to her is not always an easy
thing to do.

In Enjoying True Peace, the triplets, Yasmin,
York and Yancy finally see the light at the end of the tunnel after what seems like
so many years of struggling due to the death of their big brother and their missing
in action father;. Mom has a great job, everyone's grades are up, they're all making
new friends and have even gotten involved in afterschool activities. Now their father
is back in the picture and it's smooth sailing from there, right? Wrong. 
Yasmin's father wants to prove that he can bring everyone back together,
so he decides to move the family.  As a result, the whole house is
in an uproar. Though she's grown in her faith and learned quite a bit about hope,
joy and love, Yasmin is challenged to continue depending on God to help her remain
calm through it all and find peace in the midst of this new storm.  Remembering
that He's still there to comfort her, Yasmin sets her heart on trusting God and
enjoying true peace.

Young Adult
December 17
Moody Publishers
Moody Bible Institute

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