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During World War II, the Imperial Japanese Army under General Tomoyuki Yamashita looted untold amounts of gold and other valuables from across its occupied colonies in Southeast Asia to fi nance the empire’s ongoing military expansion. But when the tide of war turned against Japan in 1943, much of this treasure had to be buried in secret. Over the decades, the search for the legendary Yamashita’s Gold had been in vain, until now ... A group of foreign workers digging a tunnel under the Padang in present-day Singapore stumbles across a treasure vault and inadvertently triggers a biological booby trap. An unknown strain of anthrax is released, threatening a global holocaust. It is up to Assistant Superintendent Gerald Loh of the Singapore Police Force to decipher a cryptic clue left behind with the loot to halt this deadly plague. Year of the Tiger takes readers on a roller-coaster journey of political wrangling, murky history and secret organisations to discover the elusive cure for a seemingly unstoppable pandemic.

Mysteries & Thrillers
August 1
Monsoon Books Pte. Ltd.
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Customer Reviews

BetaFlyingFrog ,

Year of the Tiger, well worth the read!

The year of the Tiger by David Miller is a very well thought out book.
It has the structure and detailed information to make it truly believable. Yet it still maintains your interest and is not at all tedious to read.
On the contrary, it is a very readable book, and will keep your interest all the way through. What really amazed me most was that he managed to give you a great deal of information throughout the book, and still pulls out a surprise at the end.
Also, without using morbid details that could easily make this a horror book, he leaves us with haunting possibilities that will stay in my mind for some time to come.
The story has no gaping holes, and is written with expertise and style. It is truly a page turner, one of the best adventure books I've ever read.
I hope there will be a sequel, as I will be at the front of the line to read it.

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