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Yes, Sir contains four hot stories of sizzling lust and aching release... 

The men are tall, dark, and demanding… Can these women handle giving up control for one night?

Putting Alice to Work
When an attempt to bring an office fantasy to life ends with an unsatisfied Alice losing her job, she simply resigns herself to her boring corporate fate.
She finds a new job and a sexy new boss. 
But it seems her new boss knows more about her than Alice realizes, and keeping her on her feet isn't what he hired her for…

Out of Gas
Heather must rely on the generosity of a pair of sexy, mysterious strangers when her car runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere. 
Can they fill her up in the way she desperately needs?
And after a long, hard night, who is that knocking on her door the next morning? This older man has a surprise for her... but can Heather take any more?

Diego's Naughty Librarian
Sexy and exotic Diego Santos has just hired naïve Abigail Moore to be his new librarian, and he requires things to be done in a certain way. 
His way
Diego isn't afraid to dole out some punishment if she doesn't get it right the first time, but what if punishment is exactly what Abigail wants...

The Funeral 
Anna Barnes-McKenna is lost in in a sea of grief and anger after the sudden death of her husband and she doesn't know what to do with herself. 
That is, until a man she hasn't seen in years shows up to awaken her passions, and make her question everything...

Fiction & Literature
October 27
Amelia Rohm
Draft2Digital, LLC

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