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Yo Mama Jokes that will make you laugh so hard you may even poop your pants… like yo mama!

Push and play laugh sounds included!

July 6
PeteyRF Creative
PeteyRF Creative

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papayasmemes ,

They give me new ideas and snappy comebacks against my enemy’s

( By Jade Titan ) hi when u pronounce titan it’s pronounced ti o tan
LoL it’s stupid Italian language pronoucenince. As I said these yo mama jokes give me good comebacks and ideas here’s one I used against my enemy Emma “ yo mama so creepy the creepy pastas screamed Our child! How dare u leaf us! “ I make a lot of yo names since I’m the CZAR of nicknames and animal names art people history. My enemy’s I use them against are Emma, jorda, fire, bob ( LoL her mum named her bob she said it was a BOOTIFUL name tho she’s a freaking girl ) Georgia, marayian, sozkay, nitsuko, Tracy, LoL there all American but there parents named them some of JAPANSESE names.

I found out my Chinese pen pal had the chorana virus😢😢😢
I’m thirdteen in Wyoming but I go to school in a American school but I am on a farm!!!! I watch a lot of YouTube, the game theaorists, and Netflix I’m a VERRRRRRY GOOD ARTIST ( ‘-‘ ). I mess around with my friends in my catholic private school 🏫. I’m not considered a popular girl in the CCP ( cute cool popular ) but the boys consider me popular and they consider my friends also worth their book 📖 LoL were jock divas now🤣🤣 the books good if ya need some snappy comebacks 😏😏😏😏😏😏

Gacha girl nitsuko

Sike! My name is Nitsuko kitsune my second enemy is jade titan

Raptorizor ,

Ehhhhh garbage much?

Did ya find these in the dump?

None of ur buisness 10000 ,

Dude. St👿p it with the bad, rude jokes!

This is a rude book. Go on, say that to your mom!!! See how she feels!

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