Yoga for Everyone Yoga for Everyone

Yoga for Everyone

50 Poses For Every Type of Body

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Publisher Description

Yoga can benefit every body, including yours! Discover how to take advantage of all yoga has to offer with this all-encompassing yoga guide. 

No matter who you are or what your abilities are, Yoga for Everyone includes a fabulous 50 poses proving something for everyone to love. From plus size yoga and pregnancy yoga, to yoga for the elderly or disabled, you can explore variations and modifications to much-loved yoga poses, from the comfort of your own home. Every exercise utilizes the essential elements of yoga to ensure you can gain all the physical and mental benefits, and will also allow you to perform all 10 sequences, which combine different poses into one singular experience and focus on specific health benefits each pose has on your body. 

Dive straight in to discover: 

- A visually illustrated yoga guide showcasing diversity in people and their mixed fitness abilities 
- 50 yoga exercises with a minimum of 3 modifications for varying body types 
- 10 sequences that combine the above-mentioned exercise
- Expert information in Yoga and how to incorporate these exercises into everyday life

For years, books on yoga have asked readers to bend over backward (literally!) to conform to their physical demands. At DK, we believe it’s time to change that! Why not allow for readers to demand that yoga conform to their individual needs instead? This is yoga for real people!

Once you familiarise yourself with the yoga exercises that best suit you and your abilities, you’ll begin to notice the benefits of yoga and positive changes they have on your body, whether it’s your enhanced flexibility, your improved posture or your stronger core. What a rewarding experience for readers!

Yoga for Everyone aims to teach readers that with a little modification, anyone can practice Yoga, perfect their poses and become stronger and more confident as you go. Whether you want to structure your sun salutation or demand more from your downward dog, this all-encompassing yoga book will be your one-stop guide to achieving perfection with each pose no matter your physical ability, and learn some top tips on yoga anatomy and yoga science along the way. 

A must-have volume for those who want to take up yoga but don’t know where to begin, or simply those seeking to start a low-impact exercise, Yoga for Everyone can be tailored to your individual fitness needs, so you make the most out of your poses! Why not stretch yourself, literally, this New Year and try something new? Your mind, body and soul will thank you!

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    April 2

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