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Romeo and Juliet, one of the greatest love stories ever told . . . in texts?!
Imagine: What if those star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet had smartphones? A classic is reborn in this fun and funny adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays!
Two families at war.
A boy and a girl in love.
A secret marriage gone oh-so-wrong.
<3 and h8. The classics just got a whole lot more interesting. ;)
tl;dr A Shakespeare play told through its characters texting with emojis, checking in at certain locations, and updating their relationship statuses. The perfect gift for hip theater lovers and teens.
A glossary and cast of characters are included for those who need it. For example: tl;dr means too long; didn’t read. 

Young Adult
May 26
Random House Children's Books
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

Some anonymous parent ,

Deeply flawed

I want to say that I admire the modern approach to Shakesphere. I've read two other books in this series, Macbeth (#killingit) and Midsummer Night (#nofilter). I have never been able to fully understand Shakesphere, so they were a big help and not to mention amazing. So I had hoped that this book would be just as good. But no.
One major problem with the fact that the Friar's letter telling them of Juliet's plan never reached Romeo. That's completely fine for the ORIGINAL version from the 1600s but if you're going for a modern approach, it totally ruins the whole modern effect the author is trying so hard to achieve. Another problem I have with the book is that there's a lot of indirect communication with Romeo and Juliet even though they have each other's numbers in this book. Why didn't they just text each other directly?

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