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Habits are a funny thing.

They sneak up on you and end up controlling your life without you really having a say in the matter. Until today...

In The 7 Rules of Highly Effective Habits, you'll discover a simple and easy to implement system of seven rules that will re-organize yourself and force you to get rid of bad habits and develop good habits... and ultimately create a better life for YOU. Simply put, it’s a do-it-for-you system where the good habits automatically start appearing and taking over your life... propelling you forward.

In The 7 Rules of Highly Effective Habits, multi-million-book bestseller Greg Perry hands you straight-to-the-point answers for:
• How 95% of your behaviors and actions are driven by your habits and what you must do to make your habits work for you, not against you!
• Discover this one thing from Donald Trump (no, it’s not how to comb your hair or campaign for office) that will catapult you past others almost immediately!
• The real truth about to-do lists and whether they actually truly help you or just waste your time!
• How to use an 80-20 Rule to transform your life… go from mediocrity to the GO-TO person!
• Ovid said 2,000 years ago “Nothing is stronger than habit” – Use this one trick to override bad habits and turn them into good habits!
• How to use a bad memory and Rule #1 to create good habits!
• 80% of success is just showing up” … here’s how to use this rule to “show up” and propel yourself to success faster than you ever thought possible!
• How you can cut out roughly six out of every eight hours of work and actually be more productive (less work, more play, and more money)!
• A seven-word sentence that forces you once and for all get out of the habit of putting off things you don’t want to do (this information is worth the price of the book alone)!
• How to get yourself out of the drudgery of the dreaded "comfort zone" and into the exciting, fun, and productive "passion zone"!
• The secret promise you must make yourself in order to excel in life!
• How to use Bill Murray's "baby steps" to develop success habits and when it’s critically important to avoid using "baby steps"!
• How to develop a "Halo Effect" that gives you power and prestige over other people!
• Learn the two-word principle that can build yourself an empire to rule over!
• The "5 Minute Ultimate Habit"... if you do this it will launch you into a better life... Guaranteed!
• Want to be an expert... I show you how easy it is using a certain "magic # system"!
• How to use the "Night Guy vs Morning Guy" battle to thrust ourselves into a more productive lifestyle!
• The power technique Shakespeare used and preached to become great and world-renown!
• How to use "The Habit of all Habits" to create new habits easily and effortlessly!
• And SO much more!
There's one thing that is certain... if you want to live a better, more fun, more fulfilling, more productive life... you have to improve your habits. The government isn’t going to give you a better life. Corporations won’t give you a better life. Your family probably won’t be able to help you. The 7 Rules of Highly Effective Habits will help you to achieve a better life for yourself.

Get it today or continue limping along your current path in life...!

April 17
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