You Are My Reason Duet You Are My Reason Duet

You Are My Reason Duet

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From Wall Street Journal Best Selling author, Willow Winters comes an intense romance with second chances, secrets and a gripping twist to take your breath away.

Born into wealth in New York City, I've never had to want... until I lost the love of my life. And then he came along, the playboy I knew I shouldn't touch.

It's been a long time since I've looked at a man and wanted something more. Even longer since one has looked at me with a gaze I couldn't tear my eyes from.

No one's perfect, but that's how he felt when I was in his arms. I started to think everything was going to be all right. That life had finally put the pieces of my broken heart back together.

Fate brought us close, and I had no idea why until it was too late. What's between us is raw and everything I've ever wanted. But the sins of his past threaten to tear us apart.

"Beautifully written ...With every turn of the page the reader is waiting for the shoe to drop and the betrayal to begin." - Nicki, The Overflowing Bookcase

This is the complete You Are My Reason duet in one. One couple and one happily ever after.

July 23
Willow Winters Publishing LLC
Willow Winters Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

Szmoromou ,


You Are My Reason is going down as one of my all time favorites by Willow Winters. It had me sitting on edge of my seat from the very beginning. I kept wondering what BIG SECRET Mason was keeping that could destroy the lives of many. When a relationship is based on secrets, oh how quickly it can crumble and fall. Willow Winters has written a story filled with lies, angst, betrayal, suspense, temptation, lust and passion.
Mason Thatcher is a man born into a family of wealth and power. He knows all too well the social status his family name holds and how easily that power and status can make one untouchable and dangerous. Wanting nothing to do with his father or his family legacy, he tries to make a life of his own. In his past he was known as a playboy, a one night stand, or a love them and leave them kind of guy. That was until a red head came along and captured his attention. Too bad she was the one playing him. Broken hearted and carrying a secret that could destroy many lives, Mason shelters himself, focusing on his work and keeping a distance from his father's clutches.
Julia Summers is a good girl that has been born into wealth and has lived a very rich life. Marrying her high school sweetheart was a given, but becoming a widow at such a young age was not. Now morning the loss of her husband for almost a year, she is ready to once again live her life. Finally finding the strength to put herself out there, she joins old friends for a night of drinks and laughs. What she doesn't expect is to walk away with a stranger who lights a fire deep inside her that she thought was lost. Wanting to forget the pain and betrayal of her late husband, Julia decides to be reckless with Mason. What was suppose to be a one night, mind blowing experience, turns into a secret love affair that neither Mason nor Julia saw coming. The chemistry between Julia and Mason is off the charts. Julia wants to keep her "good girl" reputation and convinces Mason to keep their relationship a secret even though Mason wants the world to know that Julia is HIS. Although the secret he's keeping is eating him alive, he knows that if Julia ever finds out he will lose her forever. As things heat up and their relationship takes a turn for the better, Mason's secret is revealed shattering Julia's already fragile heart. Can Mason salvage their shattered relationship? How can one come back from the biggest betrayal of all?
When the reality that someone you thought you knew and you gave your all isn't the man you thought he was.....devastation. Julia has discovered the truth about Mason. The man that she has fallen deep in love with is also the person responsible for the death of her husband. How could she be so stupid? The way she feels for Mason is real. There is passion, desire, lust and a sense of being whole. Everything she never felt with her late husband. Her husband's infidelity was one thing, but loving and living with a murderer is just too much.
Mason can not take back what he did, but he will stop at nothing to keep Julia his. Keeping her a prisoner is not how he wants her to stay with him, but for now that is what he has to do to make her understand WHY he did what he did.
Julia will play Mason's little game of cat and mouse and when the opportunity presents itself she will escape. However, when outside threats seek out to hurt both Julia and Mason, Julia realizes that her best chance of survival is with the man she loves and hates the most.
Can Mason find out who is behind the threats? Who wrote the letter that destroyed Mason and Julia's HEA? Will Julia be able to forgive Mason and live a life of happiness she so badly seeks?
I fell in love with Mason from the very beginning. The closed off man that has been burned and hurt so badly by a wicked red head woman and his family finally opens up and allows LOVE in. So when he finds the LOVE OF HIS LIFE he doesn't let go. Although Julia thinks she is weak and broken, in reality she is the strongest woman. Mason and Julia's relationship may have its darkness and secrets, but the love that they have for one another is FOREVER. I couldn't put this book down and after it ended I wanted more. What is their life now after the dust has settled? Willow.... are you listening ;)

NYYazFan ,

Too long convoluted story

There was a ton of potential but it was told in a confusing convoluted manner. There’s murder fraud adulatory and so many characters it’s hard to keep track of her friends. The friends are there for the spin off books. Definitely won’t continue the series.

2g3 ,

Oh so good!

So many secrets! A woman hurt by her past, and a man with a past he hopes to stay hidden. So many twists and turns. Is anything really what it seems? You won’t want to put it down!

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