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You believe (or want to believe) God has called you and given you purpose, but where do you start? How do you get from feeling stuck to making a move? If this sounds familiar, bestselling author Jess Connolly has a message for you: You Are the Girl for the Job.

But this is not simply a peppy catchphrase. This is the straight-up truth God has proclaimed over your life from the beginning, and it's not dependent on what you can do or achieve but based on His power, capacity, and character. 

It has taken one million, maybe one zillion (who knows?!), slight moves of His hand to place you in this exact moment. So forget about fear and second-guessing your gifts, because God has meticulously prepared you to be an ambassador for the Kingdom right where you are, here and now. Life is too short to get stuck in a holding pattern of shame, self-doubt, and comparison. So let this book be your very good news: you don't have to wait for permission when you've already been commissioned. 

With passion and heart-pumping hope, Jess shows that being the girl for the job doesn't depend on your capacity. Rather, it has everything to do with God's capacity and our willingness. It has everything to do with believing we are who God says we are, and quieting any inferior word spoken against us. Are you ready? 

Let this book be your jumpstart into confident, purposed living, as Jess walks you through the six steps she has used to coach and encourage women for years: set your focus, take stock of the story that has shaped you, face your fear, catch the vision, make a plan, and finally, make your move--all in the bold belief that God has called you to every step of the journey.

Religion & Spirituality
September 24

Customer Reviews

fischy1621 ,

humbled & surprised

This book was truly a delight & encouragement. Jess writes powerful truth with powerful humility, & in a voice so relatable & enjoyable. Each time I picked it up, I felt like I was having coffee with a mentor & a friend.

I was hesitant to read this book because, when it was recommended to me, I was going through a really hard season with the Lord. I didn’t have the energy to receive platitudes or a spiritual pep talk... I felt quite numb to that. But the friend who recommended this book was insistent to the point of buying it for me, & when I finally sat down to read it, I was humbled & surprised to discover this book was so much deeper than a pep talk. It contains hard & beautiful truth, a good dose of reality alongside every encouragement that make Jess’s words trustworthy.

This is a thoroughly uplifting book, free from sugarcoating or dismissive positivity. This wasn’t a thin & screechy “you go, girl!” - this was an empowering, genuine commissioning. I want to reread it & recommend it to all my friends. Thank you Jess!

Mama T 2020 ,

Well needed encouragment

This was exactly what I needed to push past what I would call a lazy season of my obedient walk with God. I had just received back my first draft and had no motivation to continue until a friend shared your book online. I got a few girls together from church and started the online book study through zoom. THANK YOU Jess for being obedient to God telling you to tell all of us women that WE ARE THE GIRLS FOR JOB!!! PS - This is the first time I have ever written a review. I almost didnt but listened to the Holy Spirit instead of myself :)

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